Friday, November 7, 2014

Foodie Friday: Yoogane Chicken Galbi @ Singapore

I should continue my Siem Reap, Cambodia travelogue right after I back from Australia but I was procrastinating to the max. Oh dear! So many backlog travelogues. 

Date Visited: 20th August 2014

Since ever I came back from South Korea end of March this year, I keep craving for the Korea cuisines I had there, especially jjim dalk, budae jjigae and dak-galbi (Refer photo here). Not just me, but even my mom, sister and her boyfriend as well craving for the hot and scrumptious huge Korean cuisines we had there.

Yes, Kota Kinabalu has quite number of Korean restaurants but not all do served of those dishes I want. But so luckily few days before my mom and I flew off to Singapore, we came across that one of my favourite Korean cuisine restaurants have expanded their business and open new international branch right in Singapore. Now, we don't have to fly so far just to satisfy our craving.

Yoogane Singapore 01
#1: Newly opened Yoogane Singapore is located in Bugis Junction, Singapore 

More than 130 branches in South Korea, Yoogane is popular for their Galbi, a pan-grilled marinated meat with an unique sweet and spicy sauce as the main dish and serve with either Tteokbokki (Korean rice cake), sweet potatoes, fresh vegetables, noodles, rice, cheese and even together with seafood and stir-fried all together on the pan.

As it was newly opened few months ago in Singapore, hence we won't be surprised when we saw the long queue. Because our craving for this cuisine were very strong, we're willing to join the long queue and waited for almost 45 minutes. Like my sister said, "Orang Sabah Mesti Sabar!". In Malay translation, it means Sabahan people must be patient.

Yoogane Singapore 02
#2: Overview of Yoogane restaurant

After patiently waited, finally we're being served to a table for 6 people. Honestly to say, comparing to the outlets I went in Seoul, I don't feel comfortable with the seating arrangement here as they are using bench seats instead chair. For comfort purpose, a table can fit up to maximum of 4 people only. 6 of us need to squeeze in and there is no more room for us to move around. Luckily their air-conditioners are working well and services were pretty fast too.

Yoogane Singapore 05
#3: Korean Banana Milk - Taste so-so only

Browsing through their menu, each of the galbi dish must be served for minimum of two person. Means two person can only order one dish, instead of choosing two. Plus, the portion is quite huge for two person. Don't be silly to order two different of galbi dishes for two people cause trust me, you and your partner would definitely couldn't finish all. Since there were 6 of us, we ordered 3 different of galbi dishes.

Yoogane Singapore 03
#4: Yoogane Octopus & Chicken Galbi (S$18.90)

Yoogane Singapore 04
#5: Added with Ramyeon Noodles (Additional of S$3.90)

Yoogane Singapore 06
#6: My favourite: Marinated Chicken Galbi Fried Rice Topped with Cheese (S$14.90)

By the end of the day, we're pretty satisfied with the taste of the galbi served in Singapore and it almost the same as the one we had in Seoul. But somehow, few of my family members can't bear the level of spiciness and it is advisable to inform the staff to reduce the amount of the spicy sauce. 

There even have free flow salad bar serving kimchi, pickles and sliced cabbages and you can take as many as you want. Price wise, like what we expected it was indeed expensive and almost double the price than the one in South Korea. However, we were glad that our craving has finally well-satisfied and if someday I return back to Singapore, I don't mind going back for this once again, only if the queue won't be that long. 

Yoogane Singapore
200 Victoria Street,
Bugis Junction, #02-47/48

Opening Hours: 11:00 am – 10:00 pm


  1. gosh all the food so yummy..too far for me to go leh :(

  2. I also cannot eat food that is very spicy. All food looks delicious.

  3. I love Dak Galbi!!! Like addicted!
    PS: I'm planning a family trip to Sabah this coming Chinese New Year, is there any must eat, must go at Sabah?

  4. u craving about the food in Korea.. and i still wondering when and how ... i can put my self in Korea hehehehe :D well korean food is something really nice :D

  5. Hello. Are you going to resume blogging soon? I'm in need to read travel posts on my non travel days! :p
    *just joking but in all seriousness I am looking forward to your next post :)


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