Saturday, January 5, 2013

Superheroes Everywhere in Cihampelas Street

If you are hunting for factory outlets in Bandung, there are four main areas which are highly recommended; Jalan Setiabudi, Jalan Riau, Jalan Dago and Cihampelas Street. For this post, I am gonna give more clearer picture of Cihampelas Street. During my 2 days stay in Bandung, my hotel is located right in between Cihampelas Street hence mommy and I were shopping at there like almost everyday.

This street is also well-known as jeans street. There are tons of factory outlets here that are selling various kind of jeans or denim clothes in an affordable and cheap price. You can even request to alter the jeans for free. So if you are planning to go Bandung and looking for jeans, now you know where you should heading to.

But for me, it's not the jeans or denims that catch my attention. Cihampelas Street is totally different from other streets in Bandung especially in terms of their huge and attractive signboards where you can see many superheroes huge statues which are amazingly standing on the top of the buildings such as Superman, Spiderman and more.Therefore, I personally called this street as "Superheroes Street".

Cihampelas Street 01
Can you name of them? Ultraman, Dragonball, Flash, Conan, Terminator & Wolverine

Cihampelas Street 02
The Man of Steel - Superman

Bandung Trip 2011 02

Cihampelas Street 03
Aladdin & Cat Woman

Cihampelas Street 04

Cihampelas Street 05
Iron Man

Cihampelas Street 06

Cihampelas Street 07
You can't find any branded stuff selling here but most of the goods are indeed dirt cheap.

Day 2 - Bandung 04
You can even get a good bargain for the batik clothes.

If you are interested to stay in this area, there are various of hotels which you can choose from; ranging from cheap to luxury hotels such Aston Tropicana and Favehotel Premier Cihampelas. One of the hotel that my mom and I stayed before - Sensa Hotel Bandung is the most sensational hotel I ever stayed.


  1. Whoa Bandung must be extremely safe especially in Cihampelas Street with all the SuperHeroes protecting the public against crimes.

  2. What a strange street, special. It reminds me a bit of Clifton Hill in Niagara Falls.


  3. Very cool! :)

    I love Batik pattern and I found it very beautiful.

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    Meitzeu @ Twitter

  4. Looks really old, but fun! Did u buy a lot of cartoon souvenirs?

  5. Is the Iron Man Factory Outlet store selling Iron Man related shirts???? I find it very funny to see so many Western heroes dominating the street...

  6. wowwww can go there buy cheap clothes ad! hahaha

  7. wow the street looks so cool! woots :D:D

  8. that is cool. so many super heroes in one street..


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