Friday, November 23, 2012

Foodie Friday: Playground Cafe @ CityMall KK

After the successful of this lifestyle cafe by the name Party Play which I blogged before HERE and HERE, here is another newly opened sister lifestlye cafe by the name of Playground which located on the first floor of CityMall Kota Kinabalu. Both of these lifestyle cafe are well-known for serving wide variety of great and creative foods including the desserts too. 

Playground CityMall 01
Creative interior design and comfortable ambiance

Playground CityMall 02
Not a typical menu that you can see in other eateries; magazine-style menu.

Sometimes when I wanna visit new eateries, I will prefer to go with a big group of friends but not too many; at least four would be better. This is because we can order different kind of meal and try them. Don't you think so? So when one of my bestie back from Malacca, hence we brought her here. These are what we ordered during our ladies gathering night.

Playground CityMall 03
SignatureBBQ Chicken Chop served with rice and fried egg. 
I love the sauce of the BBQ. Makes me wanna lick the plate too. Neh! I won't do that in public.

Playground CityMall 04
Linguini Beef Bacon Carbonara

Playground CityMall 05
Smoked Duck Aglio Olio

Playground CityMall 06
Double Decker Orea Cheese Cake

Playground CityMall 07
Tiramisu served in the jar - another creative way of serving

Playground CityMall 08
Belgium Waffle with Chocolate Banana

Playground CityMall 09
This is their signature dessert and everybody's favourite; Dark Chocolate Fondant with Milk Ice-cream

A lifestyle cafe that serve fusion cuisine; from western delights to Asian meals. Perfectly to have a nice foods, great fun while enjoy the green environment at the same time. 

Playground Cafe
M-1-1 & M-1-2, First Floor,
City Mall, Jalan Lintas,
88300 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

NOTE: Unfortunately, they closed down the business. 


  1. The Smoked Duck looks tempting! But the 1st floor location makes this place less visible.

  2. Belgium Waffle with Chocolate Banana... I pensan! It's super delicious!!

  3. BBQ chicken chop sure looks good..
    very nice.. the gravy looks delicious...


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