Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Travel Expenses of Seoul & Jeju Island, South Korea (2011)

Everytime when I went travel, I will definitely pen down all the expenses that I incurred. It might sounds ridiculous like my friend said, "Already spend, then just forget about how much did you spend." She was right, but this habit had been existed within myself since I was in secondary school up to now, even I was not travelling. I means I did recorded all the money I spend during my normal daily routine too. Maybe because of that, I was being advised by my parents to study for accounting course.

For all my past travel, I did recorded in a small little notepad and this lil notepad had travelled as much as I did. Lucky notepad, right? Just at that period, I am so lazy to share out all my past travel expenses. Somehow, for this South Korea trip, I seems to be more interested and more hardworking too to share it out with you all.

Without talking any further, here is the full details of my travel expenses that I had spend throughout the 8 days trip around Seoul and Jeju Island of South Korea.

South Korea Travel Expenses
(The rate as at the time I changed; RM2.85: 1,000 won)

  1. Baggage allowance for flight to Seoul was 15 kg (RM30), flight from Seoul was 20 kg (RM50) and a set of meals (RM10).
  2. Stayed in Namsan Guest 1 for first 2 nights and Namsan Guest 2 for the rest of 3 nights.
  3. Stayed for 2 nights 
  4. Included airport tranfer via Incheon International Airport and Gimpo International Airport to/from guest house.
  5. Airport shuttle bus to inn and taxi ride to attractions.
  6. Rate for 8 hours per day. Not yet included lunch which requested by the driver.
  7. Normal admission fee is 35,000 won but because the day we went was Seoul's Thanksgiving Day, so consider we were so damn lucky.
  8. The price of the card itself.
  9. Can't held myself from shopping and bought souvenirs for my family and friends. Haven't check out my travel haul? Click here for more.
Perhaps, on my next visit, I should spend less especially on my souvenirs. Don't you think so? Seriously, it's hard to resist myself from keep shopping and buying. 


  1. It is a good practice. at least you know where you spent and maybe can plan to maximize budget for next trip.

  2. yeah me too. should spend less on souvenirs. but i couldnt resist! what to do...huhuh

  3. should use this as a template for my coming trip. thanks diana

  4. Wah, u're so hard-working! I've never keep track of my expenses. Admire u! Keep up the good work.

  5. We also do this, we are real planners and keep track of our costs.


  6. omgggg! what was my expenses? less than 1000, i guess. hahaha!

  7. so if minus all the souvenirs it will be RM2k..
    very reasonable also.. nice..

  8. wow..you are very disciplined..i started doing this during my masters degree in thailand..but then after 2 months..i stopped d..hehehe...
    btw...huge chunk of the expenditure goes to souvenirs..wow..i mean your luggage can masuk all meh?

  9. Diana thank you for the post card I just received it today evening and much appreciated. Anyway I like this entry at least you can share with other traveler out there how to at least maximize our expenses...again thanks for the lovely gift.

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  11. me too lar.... told myself many a time but still buy way too many

  12. Your posts are awesome... very detail, which includes the costs of your trip hehee.

    Happy Monday, Diana!

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  14. That's quiet a cheap fare from Seoul to Jeju. And goodness, the souvenirs costs RM1500+. *gasp*

  15. hi,
    did you book a flight from gimpo-jeju while u in seoul or already book firsthand in malaysia??cause it's quite cheap compare to online right now..tq

    1. Hi Nur Faizah,

      I booked earlier before I went to South Korea, like 4-5 months in advanced. It was cheap back then cause my trip was in 2011.


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