Monday, May 7, 2012

Massive Urban Restored of Cheonggyecheon Stream

Date of Visited: 09th September 2011

NOTE: For this post, I'm gonna hide all the photo taken using my Canon compact camera cause can't perform well at night. Hence, I'm sharing the photo using my friend's camera instead, Nikon D90. Looks like it's time for me to buy a new and better camera that can perform well at night. Any recommend? You're welcome to leave comment.

So, what's this Cheonggyecheon Stream famed for? It was once a dusty and heavily poluted area with many traffic and highways but now it has restored to become a major city retreat and tourist spot in downtown of Seoul. Cheonggyecheon Stream runs across the city centre of Seoul to Hangang River.

Cheonggyecheon Stream 01
At here, it offers visitors with the amazing and marvelous sight of a candle fountain illuminated by differently colored lights, and a four meter high waterfall. 

Cheonggyecheon Stream 02

Cheonggyecheon Stream 03

A modern public recreation space with variety of leisure and recreational facilities newly built. Fountains, bridges and various sculptures stand above the streams for a picture-perfect view.

Cheonggyecheon Stream 04

Cheonggyecheon Stream 05

I am truly astonished with this photo which took by my friend using her Nikon D90. It's looks so real. Don't you think so?

So, that's end of my second night in Seoul. Wandering 4 different spots in a day (Myeong-Dong, Dongdaemun, Namdaemun and Cheonggyecheon] maybe seems tiring but for me, this is where my true journey has just begun. Where will be my friends and I heading on the next day? Stay tune for more of my travel journey and adventures around downtown of Soul of Asia.

How to get to Cheonggyecheon Stream:
It is just located at the center of Dongdaemun area, therefore take subway Line 1 or 4 to Dongdaemun Station and exit 1.

[Credit To: Wikipedia, Hi Seoul]


  1. Get a Sony NEX 5N! I don't think you'll enjoy lunging around with DSLR weight.

  2. ahhhh...the cheonggyecheon river!!! now i get to see it in a nearer position..well yes..the gov decided to dig it up again after covering it during the times of pollution..really good policy

  3. Beautiful portret at the fountain.


  4. nice huh...i didn't include this place during my visit to seoul...

  5. beautiful water fountain...
    n the pictures are very sharp and nice

  6. wahhh u seriously non stop travelling! >.<

    btw all the photos you took very niceeee! envy u as always!

  7. Great shots, breathtaking night view of the city, especially first pic. I love the vastness feel in that shot.

    BTW, do Koreans speak chinese/mandarin? (as a second language, maybe?)

  8. Still haven't make up your mind to buy which camera?
    How bout Nikon One?

  9. OMG! Superb pictures! this is the first time I visit your blog and I was so impressed with the pictures shown in your blog. Looks like a professional photographer shots.

  10. Y u no take picture of pretty girls???

    Wakakaa. JK. But I would really like to see some Koreans. Curious whether most of them really are pretty or not. :D

    Happy Friday, DDT!


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