Saturday, December 31, 2011

Top 3 Commentators for Year 2010-2011

Deng! Less than 4 hours gonna bid goodbye to the year 2011 and then, brace yourself for welcoming the year of 2012 soon.

Now let's back to the main topic. Refer to few of my previous post, I did mentioned that I will give a lil gift for those who always come and support my blog especially for those who leave a trail or comments in my blog. I remembered Armstrong did mentioned before in his blog that every bloggers love comments. Who doesn't right? Therefore, I decided to reward the top 3 commentators of my blog to show my lil appreciate for what you did to my humble blog.

*Let's the drum roll...............*

Begin from the bottom top 3

Rexs Leonard J. Madan from Si Aki Borneo - with 30 comments

I remembered most of his comments on my previous posts were all about the photo I took for my Japan trip. Thanks for a lot for the compliment but I think Aki's photography skill is much better than me.

UPDATED on 08.02.2012: Rexs a.k.a. Aki did a post regarding the gift that he received. Do check out his blog - si Aki Borneo: Year of the Dragon's Luck: Early February.

Here's the small lil gift for you, Rexs:
Top 3 Blog Commentators
  • T-shirt from Bandung, Indonesia
  • Fridge magnet from Bandung, Indonesia
  • Face mask from Seoul, South Korea
  • Handphone ornament from Seoul, South Korea

For the top 2

Mei Tzeu from Sketches of Life - with 34 comments
A blogger cum my own friend who I met during college time. She is very active in blogging and if not mistaken, she started blogging during further her study in United Kingdom. What I loves about her blog is her food posts. Everytime when I wanna find great foods around Kota Kinabalu, her blog is the one that on my mind.
Here's the gift for you, lady:
Top 2 Blog Commentators
  • Unique handbag which can only found in Bandung, Indonesia
  • Fridge magnet from Bandung, Indonesia
  • Face mask from Seoul, South Korea
  • Handphone ornament from Seoul, South Korea
  • A black headband

Finally for the winner goes to...

Ken Wooi from - with 40 comments
He claimed himself as not-so-famous blogger but who on blogsphere doesn't know him? In my opinion, not matter how famous he is, he is one of the most down to earth blogger. He is willing to sit down, read the blog and comment it. Ken, no matter what post did you published either personal, advertorial or anything, your blog is the best one lah!
Here is my gift to this famous blogger:
Top 1 Blog Commentators
  • T-shirt from Bandung, Indonesia
  • Bookmark (special edition) from Bandung, Indonesia
  • Face mask from Seoul, South Korea
  • Handphone ornament from Seoul, South Korea
  • Earphone (Orange colour; Ken, your favourite lah)

For the rest, how I wish I could reward something for you guys too but unfortunately, I can't or else, definitely there will be heavy damages in my bank account. But I really like to thanks thanks a lot to all of you. If without you guys, my blog wouldn't go so far.

Here are the list for those who comments at least 10 and above:
1. Armstrong - 27 comments
2. Shirley Tay - 24 comments
3. Biqque - 16 comments
4. Nava.K - 16 comments
5. SJB aka Sue J-B - 15 comments
6. Miss. Tina - 15 comments
7. Sailor - 13 comments
8. hcworld of Travel and Photography- 13 commetns
9. CathJ - 13 comments
10. Jeff Chuah - 11 coments
11. Daniel Chiam - 11 comments
12. Eric Lee - 11 comments
13. Cutebun - 10 comments
14. de engineur - 10 comments
15. maso.tee - 10 comments

Hey, but wait! I did randomly pick someone from the list above for giving the best comment. And the one that give the best comment is...

Sherrie Pui from cutebun

The comment given by her:
"Awesome guide. I feel like reading lonely planet! =D I wanna go Japan. Yosh!"for the post "Top 5 Things To Do or See in Osaka, Japan"

The prize for you
Best Comment

For the four winners above, hope you guys like the small tiny little gift that I prepare. By the way, don't forget, to leave your name and mailing address to my email: to courier the gift to your doorstep.

So, that's the end and final post of my blog for the year 2011. Blogging for almost 4 years, this year is the first year that I managed to reach more than 100 posts. Hopefully in 2012, I could post more on travel blog and not forgeting, more trips, travel and vacation to come. *wink wink*

Before I end this, I would like to wish to all my readers;

Wishing this new year brings you with new hopes and new opportunities to explore.

*✫✫✫¸.•°*”˜˜”*°•.✫ ✫✫✫¸.•°*”˜˜”*°•.✫✫✫
◕▀──██◕─◕██──██◕───◕██◕──◕▀──██◕ ◕──██◕──◕██──██◕───◕██◕──◕──██◕ ◕─██◕───◕██──██◕───◕██◕──◕─██◕ ◕█████◕──◕▀██▀◕───◕▄██▄◕─◕█████◕



  1. Was out from home justnow when I saw your @mention from Twitter. :D Felt surprised oooo!!! Very happy to receive gifts from you~ I thought I'm the one who commented less eh.

    I started blogging since Advanced Diploma, while I was using Multiple back then. Started blogging with Blogspot since the last year of Advanced Diploma (2008). hehe :)

    Thank you for your gifts! :) And congratulated to other high ranking commentators!

    Meitzeu @ Facebook

    Meitzeu @ Blogspot

    Meitzeu @ Twitter

  2. Hehe, didnt realised I reached 10 really.

    BTW, Happy New Year to you and your family!

  3. wow.. seriously? o.O
    sooo.... thank you? :D

  4. droolinggggggg...
    the prize was so awesome!!!
    happy new year diana!!!
    wish you a great year ahead~

  5. Damn.. This was great!! I won something from Dee!! omigosh!! A new year prize already!! Thanks Dee!! That so generous of you!! ^_^.v.. Thanks very much!! Ho ho ho..

  6. Wow! Ken Wooi is the winner and Mei Tzeu is the runner up!

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. eh how come I don't know this! haiyaaaaaaa what a waste! :P

  9. so great your travel journey~ =D

    Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..


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