Monday, August 22, 2011

Short Trip Around Malacca

Just came back from the historical city of Malaysia and this is my third visit of Malacca city. I guess most of you had been Malacca before.

My housemate and I decided to go Malacca for 2 days and 1 night trip because we bought a super good offer of this 5-star hotel from this website known as Groupon, where they offer tons of amazing discount vouchers.

Malacca 02
Stay in 5-star hotel and being treated as VIP.

Malacca 01
Sightseeing and phototaking are what my housemate and I love to do even both of us had been Malacca many times.

Malacca 03
Not forgetting, hunting for foods around Malacca city.
Feeling great to have these foods but at the mean time, feel sinful :S.

Will be share more of this in my blog soon. Stay tune!


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  2. it's been a while i didn't visit malacca...

  3. im going malacca 2D1N too during raya! hope to see your itinerary soon.. hehe :P

  4. Malacca! So near to where I am now. I'm at JB currently hehee. Yesterday went outstation at KL and just passed the historical city. Someday got free time, I go there la ;) Wonder when can I get holiday :(

  5. short posting, but i guess the pictures did a lot of the talking already.

    I like those pics, & love Malacca. My family n I will sure make another trip one day

  6. jj - Hello there!

    Biqque - I also never thought I will going Malacca again but it was really quite fun become a tourist. Hahaha..

    ken - Soon??!! Hopefully I can upon your request.

  7. Armstrong - I plan to go JB for third time too and hopefully someday we can meet up. Ur job was quite fun leh. Can keep go outstation.

    de engineur - I love talking pictures and it's true, sometimes pictures do all the talking. I wish you and your family can visit Malacca someday.

  8. malacca city is an amazing city. i went there when i was 10..yet i still remember the sweetness of the trip..i was amazed by the buildings, the historic places, the people and the foods. i want to be there again..i hope i can have a trip to malacca soon. i missed the city. ^^

    awesome trip you had. ^^

  9. i miss going there. it's been quite some times since i went there

  10. nice trip. Have always loved Malacca for its environment :) Studied there for one year in the past, awesome timee

  11. It really is an awesome place and it has been quite awhile. Last i've been there was the first few days after Dataran Pahlawan was opened. Awesome food and Newton Square, some great cendol.. maybe i havent explored enough.. overall experience was great!

    Haven't been there at all ever since, and hoped to get back there to see what's change and what interesting stuff to explore there =D

  12. I like Malacca too


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