Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Great Deal of Equatorial Hotel, Malacca

I think it is so fortunate for those who lived in around Peninsular Malaysia with all these online great deals where they offers varieties of discount vouchers, coupons and promotions around Peninsular Malaysia only. I hope they can expand to East Malaysia so that more Malaysians can enjoy these great deals and offers.

I signed up to few of these online website ever since I at KL and came across this:


Appear exactly at the right time because I was searching for Malacca hotels through After informed my housemate regarding this deal, there's goes our journey to Malacca. We need to call Equatorial Hotel first in order to check whether our preferred travel date available or not. After being confirmed by their staff, then only can purchase this deal from Groupon. This promotion is only valid from Sunday to Thursday and some of the dates are blackout especially during holiday season.

Since my housemate and I have no class on Monday, so we plan heading down to Malacca on Sunday. Luckily my housemate told me that the bus terminal to Malacca is no more located at Pudu. All this while I still thought at Pudu, but they had changed to Bandar Tasik Selatan. Really no updated one!

By the way, the bus terminal in Bandar Tasik Selatan is so huge and both of us really lost and nearly miss the bus. Thank God manage to get into the bus 3 minutes before the bus depart but I was wondering will Malaysia bus depart exactly on time.

Reached Malacca after 1 hour and 45 minutes journey and we decided to take taxi to Equatorial Hotel because both of us had no idea how to take the domestic bus. The taxi fare cost RM15 which is quite expensive but I guess currently KL taxi also do the same thing. Refused to use meters and charge higher.

Hotel Equatorial Malacca 01
This 5-star international business class hotel is located in the center of Malacca city. It is really a strategic location.

Hotel Equatorial Malacca 02
Taking this package comes with lots of privileges. Upon check-in, we were being requested proceed to 21st floor for exclusive check-in. For common hotel check-in time is either 2pm or 3 pm but for this, we are allow to check-in the room regardless the time. Nice right?

Hotel Equatorial Malacca 14
A warm welcome note from the hotel with my name on it. First time in my life because most of the time was my daddy's name on it.

Hotel Equatorial Malacca 02-1
Equator Club Room. Only 64 rooms of this type available in this hotel

Hotel Equatorial Malacca 03
I heard many people saying that some of the hotel photo are cheat and totally different when check-in to the room but for this, it looks exactly the same. No cheat. No lie.

Hotel Equatorial Malacca 04
Comfort bed

Hotel Equatorial Malacca 05

Hotel Equatorial Malacca 06

Hotel Equatorial Malacca 07

Hotel Equatorial Malacca 09
Coffee and tea maker for the lovers.

Hotel Equatorial Malacca 10
The bathroom is huge and most importantly, clean.

Hotel Equatorial Malacca 11

Hotel Equatorial Malacca 12

Hotel Equatorial Malacca 13
Another privileges that we got was evening pre-dinner cocktail with free flow of light snacks and drinks from 5.30 pm until 7.30 pm. After eating this, both of us didn't had dinner because we were full.

Hotel Equatorial Malacca 16
Lastly, daily complimentary breakfast. Really eat non-stop for this trip. Gonna do some exercise once going back KL.

Hotel Equatorial Malacca 15
Regarding the location of this hotel, see from the photo above. Opposite of the hotel (the high building in orange colour) is shopping center such Dataran Pahlawan and Makhota Parada malls. Find the famous mille crepe from Nadeje in Dataran Pahlawan is just few steps away. Not only that, all the famous historical sites such as A'Farmosa Fortress, Christ Church and even the bustling Jonker's Street is all just behind this hotel. Great hotel with great location I can said. I will recommend this hotel to my mom as she always said she wants visit Malacca someday.

Hotel Equatorial Malacca 17
Sorry for this camwhore pic but loves to take pic from hotel recently =P

Thanks to for this great deal and offer. Buy the deal at a lower price but being served as a princess. Can't wait to grab for another great offer from you guys!


  1. it has been long since i last visited Malacca. love their chicken rice balls. :P nice hotel!

  2. i've stayed in that hotel a couple of times, but never in that room. It looks so nice! :)

  3. i can see you loveeeeee the hotel :)

  4. i love hotel rooms.. so comfy and cozy :P

  5. Devi da Lil' Devil - The last time I visited Malacca was 5 years ago. I missed out the chicken rice balls this time around because eat too much of the hotel foods :P

    Nikel Knor - Me too. Love to go back and stay at this hotel again.

    Isaac Tan - Wow! It's cool you had stayed many times. For me, its my first time stayed there and I fall in love with it.

  6. Lily Riani - Sure I love it. It worth every penny I pay. Cheap, affordable and comfortable. Most importantly strategic location.

    ken - You should book this hotel when you plan go Malacca with your family.

  7. wow amazingly.. NICE! i always tot equatorial hotel malacca sucks a bit but ur entry proves me wrong! :D

  8. Looks so much fun and the hotel seem decent.
    Any idea if the promotion prices are more like a 'permanent feature' in their offering? or it's seasonal only? Rates are very attractive.

  9. Very nice pics of the hotel,i really like this hotel,because last month when i visited London i was stayed in a boutique hotel,almost same kind of facility are there as shown in this blog.

    1. Thank you very much for this post, it's very informative and BTW I really dig this site so I'll be indicating it to my friends so keep up the good work that have been done on this site.


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