Saturday, August 6, 2011

Biqque's July Lucky Follower

It's time for her monthly gift-away to her lucky Follower!

Biqque's July Lucky Follower

It's Biqque's July Lucky Follower!

Well, this is the first time I am joining this lucky follower contest in my blog. I had read Biqque's travel blog a few months ago and only recently I know how to add as her followers. Ok! I am bit lame =P.

She went to so many countries including USA and Australia. What I envy with her the most is that she has a loving and sweet husband with her wherever they go travelling. So sweet... How I wish my boyfie could do so. Anyway, support your blog, Biqque!


  1. followed u !!!! heee...

    im sasa from sabah !
    please visit me if u have time ! cheers!!

  2. CathJ - The contest has not start yet! Hehehe. But hopefully i am that lucky follower *fingers cross*

    Sasa Thien - thanks for visiting and following my blog. I had visited ur blog too :)

  3. owh shweetttttttttt :)

    tx for supporting my blog, to tell u the truth, i'm hooked to your blog too! envy for your hmph u know what...hahaha!

    remember, find a husband who loves to travel too ok? hahaha!


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