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Nepal Day 4: Chitwan To Pokhara

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If you ask me whichever city I like in Nepal, my answer would be Pokhara - a city we will be heading to from Chitwan National Park on our 4th day of our trip. Going to endure another 3 hours of bumpy ride before reaching the city I enjoyed the most. But of course in between the ride, we're rewarded with fascinating scenery

2014 Nepal Pokhara Cityview
#1: After three hours ride from Chitwan National Park, finally we arrived in Pokhara.

2014 Nepal Pokhara Hotel Family Home 1
#2: First thing first, check-in into Hotel Family Home where we are going to settle for two comfortable nights.

It's kinda free and easy day and because we don't have any proper plan of what to do and see, hence we ventured around the city ourselves and let our private driver cum tour guide to has his good rest. In addition, the location of our hotel is pretty convenient for us to explore the city without little legs having to walk too far.

2014 Nepal Pokhara Lunch
#3: Let's fill up our hungry tummy before start to explore the city.

One of the reasons that make me fall for Pokhara I think mainly because of the beauty, tranquil and peaceful of Phewa Lake with Himalayas mountain as backdrop. This is the main highlight and key attraction of the city that draw thousands of visitors to come here. With the brightly painted wooden boats docking on the shore, it adds vibrant colour to the greenery.

2014 Nepal Pokhara Lakeside
#4: Brightly painted wooden boats docking on the shore adds vibrant colour to the greenery.

2014 Nepal Pokhara Lakeside 3

#6: Overwhelm with the beauty and tranquil of Phewa Lake with Himalayas mountain as backdrop.

It will be a waste if we just leave the lake without doing nothing. And with that, we decided to book an hour guided paddle boat from the lakeside to a small and tiny island on the south east section of Phewa Lake. And within the island, there is a two-story pagoda temple by the name of Tal Barahi Temple devoted to the deity Tal Barahi. It is a hindu temple of the Goddess Durga, the protector of gods. An hour guided boat ride costs us 600 rupee with additional charge of 10 rupee per person for compulsory life jacket.

2014 Nepal Pokhara Phewa Lake 1
#7: We hired an hour guided paddle boat to a small and tiny island within the Phewa Lake.

2014 Nepal Pokhara Tal Barahi Temple
#8: Tal Barahi Temple, a hindu temple of the Goddess Durga, the protector of gods.

2014 Nepal Pokhara Tal Barahi Temple 2

Right after we done with the boat paddling activity, we continue our day by endlessly roaming around the city. There are rows of souvenirs shops in the market section of the city. Whenever I visit a certain city especially those I never been before, I will spare some time (even for few minutes) to hunt for postcards, stamps and not forgetting fridge magnets from these souvenir shops to add into my personal collection.

2014 Nepal Pokhara Souvenir Shop
#10: Souvenir shops in Pokhara - time for shopping.

Pokhara is well-known as the starting point for numerous trekking trails and expeditions in the Annapurna. Most trekkers heading for the Annapurna region will select Pokhara as their first pit stop, or as a relaxing station before heading out for some serious hiking. Hence, no surprise to see various shops selling abundance of hiking gears here. We noticed that brand like North Face, an activewear and outdoor sports gear from US seem to be pretty cheap here but we're unsure about the authenticity. 

2014 Nepal Pokhara North Face Shop
#11: North Face activewear and outdoor sports gear are everywhere in the city. 

2014 Nepal Pokhara Dinner
#12: Food in Nepal isn't that bad afterall. Almost everyday we have Asian fusion food with Western inspired cuisine.



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  2. 3 hoirs bumpy ride?? Gosh, wonder my body can stand it. Haha. Endure 5 hours drive from Kuching to Sibu few times and ny back almost deserted me. Lol.

    Interesting city indeed.

  3. Thank you for sharing the beauty of Pokhara in details.

    I am so curious to see your entire latest collection of magnets on your fridge.

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