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Taipei & Kyushu Prefecture (Sneak Peek)

Taiwan on the right side.
Japan on the left side.

I'm referring to escalator etiquette, by the way.

I just came back from another trip of mine and this time, I visited both Taiwan and Japan - it's like killing two birds with one stone. My initial plan is to visit Kyushu Island but to date, there's no direct flight from Malaysia. So in order to get there, the option is either fly from Singapore, Taiwan or Hong Kong and I chosen Taiwan cause I love to be back to Taiwan again. 

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As usual, here's another quick sneak peek from my recent trip there:

2018 Taoyuan Taiwan
你好, Taiwan! I did a post why I love Taiwan so much - Reasons Why I Revisit Taiwan Again!

2018 Fukuoka
From Taiwan, we took a flight to Fukuoka.

2018 Japan Yufuin 01
We rented a car and did a quick stopby at Yufuin for this colourful and lovely village.

2018 Japan Beppu Umi Jigoku
Umi Jigoku - one of the must visit attractions in Beppu.

2018 Japan Kumamoto
Kumamoto Castle and Kumamon - Two iconic of Kumamoto Prefecture.

2018 Japan Nagasaki
Learning the history in Peace Park in Nagasaki. Regret for didn't stay longer here.

2018 Japan Fukuoka Ichiran Ramen
Fukuoka, the birthplace of Ichiran Ramen.

After spending 6 days in Kyushu Island which I personally think it's pretty short, I flew back to Taiwan again and stayed there for few days. Among all the things in Taipei, the highlight of this trip is particularly the hostel I stayed. At first, I only stayed for a night only and I decided to book to stay with them again right after back from Kyushu.

2018 Taipei Star Hostel Main Taipei Station
When I post this in Facebook and Instagram, quite a number of my friends and followers asking me what's the name of this hostel. I will blog more of this in the next upcoming post.

Thinking of so many travelogues still pending, don't know when will I able to finalise them. I should stop travelling but you know, it's hard - "Once bitten by the travel bug, there is no antidote!"


  1. nice pictures. ive built interest on Taiwan and perhaps one day ill be able to visit Taiwan.

  2. Fukuoka. Must taste its ramen. Japan and Taiwan, I haven't been to both but both is in my travel list.

  3. Kumamon is so cute.

    Is Kumamoto Castle closed for restoration/repairing works?

    1. Unfortunately yes! It's really heartbreaking to see the serious damage in the earthquakes

  4. From Taiwan, which airline do you take to Fukuoka?

    1. From Taipei, I flew with Tiger Air. But when from Fukuoka back to Taipei, I took Vanilla Air.


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