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Balkans (2018): Old City Walls of Dubrovnik

When my friend and I were in Dubrovnik for two days, we went nowhere except casually strolling in and out of the Old City only. Two days might seem long but it's actually sufficient to cover major attractions including walking around the old city walls of Dubrovnik - that's what we did on the second day. 


A walk along this prominent ancient medieval walls that encircles the Old Town is one truly unique and amazing experience. A visit to Dubrovnik is incomplete without a walk around this mighty city wall and it's absolutely must-do-thing when one visiting this "Pearl of the Adriatic" city. With the entrance fee of HRK150 (approx. to RM104), it's really worth to pay a visit as we're rewarded with awe-inspiring views over the deep blue Adriatic sea and inwards over the orange rooftops of the Old Town buildings from the top. 

2018 Croatia Walls of Dubrovnik 02

There are three entrances leads to the old city walls of Dubrovnik; from near the Pile Gate, the Ploce Gate and the Maritime Museum. The Pile Gate entrance which closer to Onofrio's Fountain tends to be the most famous choice among the visitors and therefore the busiest one. From here, we climbed up towards Fort Bokar, the key point in the defense of the Pile Gate. 

2018 Croatia Walls of Dubrovnik 04

From Fort Bokar, we sighted another magnificent fortress across us and it's known as Fort Lovrijenac or St. Lawrence Fortress. One interesting thing about this fort is that it has a triangular layoout with three terraces. The entrance fee we paid earlier not just a visit to the old city walls but it also included a visit to this fort too - thanks to my friend who notice about this, or else it's really a waste.  

2018 Croatia Walls of Dubrovnik 05
#4: Fort Lovrijenac or St. Lawrence Fortress

2018 Croatia Walls of Dubrovnik 06

2018 Croatia Walls of Dubrovnik 07

2018 Croatia Walls of Dubrovnik 08

2018 Croatia Walls of Dubrovnik 09

2018 Croatia Walls of Dubrovnik 10
#10: Somehow we feel like we're in Santorini, Greece

2018 Croatia Walls of Dubrovnik 11

2018 Croatia Walls of Dubrovnik 12

2018 Croatia Walls of Dubrovnik 13

2018 Croatia Walls of Dubrovnik 14

2018 Croatia Walls of Dubrovnik 15

The walls run uninterrupted for about 2km long surrounding the city and we took about 3 to 4 hours to walk all the way around them. It's best to start your visit as early as possible - not just to beat the crowd but to avoid the scorching hot sun up in the afternoon. And in case you are feeling tired and thirsty, don't worry cause there are few cafes available for you to have a sit and order a cup of drink to cool down yourself. You can even grab an ice-cream too! 

2018 Croatia Walls of Dubrovnik 16

2018 Croatia Dubrovnik Ice-Cream Day 2
#17: Everyday ice-cream+ing in Croatia

2018 Croatia Walls of Dubrovnik 17
#18: This looks alike The Hobbit Village

Old City Walls of Dubrovnik
Admission Fee: HRK150
Opening Hours: 8:00am to 7:30pm daily

My total damages on the second day in this expensive city:

Hostel Angelina Old Town – 1 night

Food & Drinks
Second Day in Dubrovnik

Admission Fee
Old City Walls



221 kn

150 kn

21 kn





Exchange Rate: €1.00 (RM4.84) = 7.13 kuna on average 


  1. Wow! Amazing photos. I like #4. So picturesque. Like a postcard.

  2. what the beautiful photos..the time im there the weather so gloomy.. :(

  3. Cantekkk view!!!
    Nice photos...
    One day, wajib planke Balkan

  4. Hi Diana

    Firstly congrats on a great blog. I googled previously for Halstatt Malaysian blog and was led to yours and I bookmarked it. Somehow my plan for a Europe trip year has changed to Croatia and Slovenia. Stumbled upon your posting on Dubrovnik is indeed a very pleasant surprise. I have a couple of questions which I hope you can share your views.

    1. How did you travel from Dubrovnik to other parts of Croatia - Split, Zagreb etc? I read that there will be some border control as you travel between Dub and Zagreb. Any experience on that?

    2. My planning currently is Zagreb and Dubrovnik in Croatia, and making day trips to Plitvice lake from Zagreb. Is Split a must? For my time, I could only afford either Dubrovnik or Split. (I will be flying in to Zagreb). BA now has fare of about RM2600 from KL for travel in May 2019. I am thinking about a night bus from Zagreb to Dub, and back. You mentioned about getmybus website to buy bus tickets. Is that the most reliable.

    3. Where else did you change to the Kuna currency other than at Dub bus station? Do you know if I can change it in Malaysia before leaving?

    I hope you will be writing about Zagreb and Plitvice lake.

    Thank you and advance.

    1. Hi Peter! Thanks for dropping by my blog. Here the replies for your queries:

      1. I travelled from Dubrovnik to other parts of Croatia by buses and yes, there would be border control but not too worry, just show your passport and that's it.

      2. My honest opinion is that you can skip Split if you're not into beaches. If you ask me to choose between Dubrovnik or Split, I would pick the first one. You can buy all the bus tickets from Getmybus website - that's what I did. There are quite number of bus operators to choose from. Make sure you read the review first.

      3. You can find money changers at majority big cities like Zagreb, Split. But I couldn't remember about Plitvice whether do they have money changer there. Most of the times, I spotted money changers in Old Town.


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