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Malaysia Hall Sydney

Date of Staying: 11th to 14th October 2014

In order to stick to our tight budget, we try to save and minimize our cost as possible as we can. Hence, we decided to stay in Malaysia Hall Sydney. I came across of Malaysia Hall before when I was studied in London few years back but I myself had never experienced before. Up to date, there are five Malaysia Halls - London, Dublin, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.

Malaysia Hall is a Malaysian student's accommodation hall which owned by the Malaysian government. Malaysia Hall is only applicable for Malaysian citizens but of course, the priority will be given to those students who study abroad but in the case if there is any vacancy, it's open to those who are not students. 

Malaysia Hall Sydney Australia
#1: Malaysia Hall Sydney

Malaysia Hall Sydney Australia 02
#2: Details of Malaysia Hall Sydney

Procedures to apply Malaysia Hall Sydney:
1) Visit Malaysia Hall website (click here)
2) Download and complete the required application form.
3) Email to
4) Wait and check for the status of application.

Of course, I would advise to email at least 6 months in advance before your trip. But I like mentioned earlier, Malaysia Hall's priority is given to the students first. Therefore in case they are having semester break, the chance to secure a room might be low. You might need Plan B then - to book other hotel/hostel. 

Malaysia Hall Sydney Australia 03
#3: Dining area

Malaysia Hall Sydney Australia 04
#4: Common area

Malaysia Hall Sydney Australia 05
#5: Fully furnished bedroom with two single beds attached with bathroom 

Rate Per Night:
Adult = AU$20.00 for the first two nights
             AU$30.00 for the third night onwards 
Additional cost of AU$15 of cleaning fee is to be paid. 

Check-in time: from 2pm to 9pm
Check-out time: by 11am

Besides the room rate which I personally consider to be pretty affordable and reasonable, one thing I like about staying in Malaysia Hall is where I get my own privacy comparing staying in dorm or hostel. The downside, as Malaysia Hall is not hostel, hence you need to bring your owl towel, toiletries and there is no free WiFi connection. 

For those who are craving and miss Malaysia food, there is a kitchen where they cook and served delicious and scrumptious local cuisines such as nasi lemak, fried noodles, teh tarik, char kuey teow, curry, rendang and more. It's not free but considering the price for a plate of fried noodle which cost AU$5 is consider pretty affordable comparing eating at outside. 

Malaysia Hall Sydney Australia 06
#6: A plate of fried noodle costs AU$5

How To Get To Malaysia Hall Sydney
From Central Station, head to Eddy Avenue and look for the bus signboard. Catch bus #373, 374 or 377 heading towards Allison Road. Once you spot Caltex Petrol Station on your left side, Malaysia Hall is situated nearby. 

To get back to the city center, take bus #373. Malaysia Hall Sydney is situated 20 minutes away from the city center.

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  1. Thank you for the valuable information about Malaysia Hall. I didn't know they have several branches today. I have eaten at Malaysia Hall in London a few times to save money. That was 20 years ago!!


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