Friday, June 10, 2016

Foodie Friday: Joe Sun - Food & Coffee Co., Kota Kinabalu

Joe Sun - Food & Coffee Co 00

Well, it's normal to see waffles topped with sweet lil ice-creams or even with colourful variety type of fruits. But what if a big piece of fried chicken sandwiched in between the waffles, just like burger? It was indeed intrigued me that I went Joe Sun - Food & Coffee Co, the newest and latest lifestyle cafe in Kota Kinabalu town twice in just a week. Good food is hard to resist! 

Joe Sun - Food & Coffee Co 09
#1: Their signature interior design

Joe Sun - Food & Coffee Co 03
#2: Chicken & Waffles (RM16)
A giant piece of fried chicken sandwiched between two waffles served along with salted egg yolk sauce. The fried chicken is so juicy and tender. My mom said it's way better than KFC. It's literally huge and best to share. 

Joe Sun - Food & Coffee Co 01
#3: The latest coffee trend - Rainbow latte (RM12) Twice I went here, twice I had Rainbow Latte. 

Joe Sun - Food & Coffee Co 02
#4: Rainbow latte with my mom

Joe Sun - Food & Coffee Co 04
#5: Ultraman Ham Dan Chiu Yan (RM14) 
This is what this dish known as. Waffle paired with fried mussels and fried bonito flakes slathered with creamy salted egg yolk sauce. 

Joe Sun - Food & Coffee Co 05
#6: Breaded Mac 'n' Cheese Balls (RM15) - Another fusion food. 

Joe Sun - Food & Coffee Co 06
#7: Omelette Tower (RM13)

Joe Sun - Food & Coffee Co 08
#8: Green Pandan Waffle served with Kaya and ice-cream (RM13) - Just disappointed with the ice-cream but the pandan waffle is awesome

Joe Sun - Food & Coffee Co 10
#9: Loyalty card

Majority of the food served in Joe Sun are extraordinary and pretty unique, not the kind of typical meals you found in any restaurants or cafes. Absolutely beyond your wild imagination. Besides the above, they even have Ramen Burger sandwiched with beef party, Lobster Fettuccine, Soft Shell Chilli Crab Pasta and more. Beware Joe-Sun cause I'm coming back for more of your food.

#10: Good food with the good friends

Updated on 16th June 2016:
My friends and I went back this cafe again for more food gastronomical. Unfortunately we're kinda disappointed with the food that night.

Joe Sun - Food & Coffee Co 11
#11: Waffle, pastas and coffee again with my BFF

Joe Sun - Food & Coffee Co 15
#12: Latte (RM10)

Joe Sun - Food & Coffee Co 12
#13: Parmesan Poached Egg Carbonara (RM16)

Joe Sun - Food & Coffee Co 13
#14: Chilli Soft Shell Crab (RM18) - I didn't try this but according to my friend, they soft shell crab wasn't crispy enough. 

Joe Sun - Food & Coffee Co 14
#15: Waffle Garden (RM13) - Topped with vanilla ice-cream, fruits such as bananas, strawberries and pineapples spreaded with chocolate sauce and brownies. 
I used to like their waffle when I went for the very first time but on the third visit, the waffle was soggy and ain't crispy enough too. 

However, that won't stop me from going back again and I hope they could eventually could control their food quality in future.

Latest Visit 4th January 2017:

KK Cafe - Joe Sun 02
#16: Joe's Big Breakfast (RM19) - Con carne and beans served with sunny jumbo chicken sausage, potato wedges seared tomatoes and waffles  

KK Cafe - Joe Sun 01
#17: White Fish Red Pasta (RM16) - White cream and tomato puree combo over lightly fried white fish fillets

Joe Sun - Food & Coffee Co, (Damai)
Lot 47, Ground Floor, Block D, Lorong Pokok Kayu Manis 2, 
88300 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. (In between Maple and Nok Thai Restaurant) 
Opening Hours: 7 am to 10 pm daily 


  1. First time see coffee art in colours! Seem like the salted egg yolk craze is attacking KK too now :P

  2. All food looks delicious. The rainbow latte is so beautiful.

  3. Wow, love those potted plants on the wall! The coffee art is fabulous, dear! Happy weekend! xoxo

  4. rainbow latte?! wow i havent seen that in Penang!!

  5. i love the wall decoartion with the plants. very pretty. looks good though a lot of work


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