Wednesday, December 4, 2013

My 2013 Year End Trip: Taiwan 台湾 (Sneak Peek)

I'd been to Taiwan before back in year 2010 but nothing beat the feelings of travel by our own or so-called DIY travel compare to travel with tour agency. Plus, another reason I choose to back Taiwan was because this is my birthday treat for my very best friend aka my Boyfie since he never been to Taiwan before. Besides both of us, Boyfie's best friend also tagged along for this trip and many unexpected surprised and shocking adventures happened along the way but for sure by the end of this trip, three of us indeed had a great time in Taiwan. "Whatever happened in Taiwan, stay in Taiwan!"

Taiwan Hello!
#1: 你好 Taiwan! I'm back again to this sweet potato shaped country and also the homeland of Asus & HTC after three years. 

Taiwan High Speed Rail
#2: We started off our trip by taking high speed train to Taichung and the train resembles exactly like the Japan's bullet train - fast, quiet and comfort. Taiwan makes me miss Japan so much!

So far, I know there are three options to go Taichung from Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport but we choose the fastest option which was taking the high speed train cause like Hilda Milda said, every minute is valuable.

Taiwan - Taichung Night Market
#3: A visit to Taiwan is incomplete without visiting their night market and one of my favourite markets would be Fengjia Night Market in Taichung. We spend two nights in this market alone where for the first night, we spend more than 6 hours and by the second night, we wandered until midnight. Sounds so crazy, right?

Taiwan - Sun Moon Lake
#4: Sun Moon Lake for the second time and this time, took the ropeway to enjoy the whole scenic view.

Taiwan - Shifen
#5: Went Shifen 十分 for the very first time just for this waterfall. Really worth it eventhough we walked more than 30 minutes just for the sake of this.

Taiwan - Shifen Release Latern & Walk on Railway
#6: Besides the waterfall, done the things I wanna do in Shifen 十分 - like walking on the railway as well as write wishes and release the lantern. Another mission accomplished!

Taiwan - Juifen
#7: Been Jiufen 九份 but still love to return there just to search for this tea house which used as a model for Ghibli's Spirited Away animated film. No surprised to see so many Japanese tourists there for the same reason.

Taiwan - Red House XiMenDing
#8: The Red House Theater in Xi Men Ding - where you can find creative and fashionable ideas and products by the young and talented artists. My favourite place to hunt for vintage items and I went twice throughout my trip there.

Taiwan - Beitou Public Library
#9: One of the recommended places to go in Taipei would be Beitou which is well-known to be one of the largest concentrations of hot springs and spas in the world. Apart for that, Beitou Public Library
is also notable as being constructed to be an eco-friendly green building.

Taiwan - Damshui
#10: Damnshui, a port town to the northwest of Taipei for its mesmerising golden sunset view. 

Taiwan - Taipei 101
#11: And for the final day, the birthday boy said wanna go up to this world famous skyscraper which also to be known as Taipei's well-known landmark, Taipei 101.

So, basically you can see that we skipped most of those historical places like museums, memorial halls, temples and so on cause we can spend roughly more than 5 hours in one particular place. Plus, I went most of them before during my maiden visit and thus, no point for me to do another visit, right?

Taiwan Minsu
#12: Last but not least, as for our accommodation, we stayed in guesthouse or hostel, which commonly known as minsu in Taiwan. Minsu is very popular in Taiwan and you must try to stay there at least once. It's cheaper, clean, convenient and even the room space is much more bigger if compare to the hotel - My Blog on: Minsu I Stayed in Taiwan

And with this, Taiwan wrapped up as my 10th and final trip for this year alone, unless out of of expectation, I have another trip to come...

"Travel to the places you really wanna go and see, not to follow other people footsteps. It's your trips anyway, you're travel for yourself, not for other people!"


  1. hehe, i was looking forward for my own taiwan trip soon~

  2. gambar waterfall tu lawa..

    taipei is in my list.. ( cuma tak tau bila )

  3. Wow! You travel a lot this year! Hope you will explore more places next year!

  4. The waterfall looks so beautiful.

  5. Unik dan culture yang amat berbeza sangat :D
    that aiskrim lain macam jer hahahaa.. taiwan memang beautiful :D

  6. Taiwan belum pernah pergi lagi , moga satu hari dapat ke sana

  7. wow, Taiwan, I miss this country~

  8. Like yourself - I went to Taiwan moons ago with tour group.. granted, I much enjoy the trips that I participated in planning... ^^

  9. The guesthouse or Minsu looks so nice and comfy!!!

  10. May i know the "minsu" in details... Like address, phone number and the price? Thanks

    1. Hi, Fenny William,

      Would you mind send your enquiry to my email address I would reply you through there. For your information, I stayed at three different minsu.

  11. hi can i know where is that minsu in last photo of this post

    1. Hi,

      Would you mind send your queries to my email address I would reply you through there. For your information, I stayed at three different minsu.

  12. how the weather?

  13. Nice post. Still dreaming of Taiwan. Planned it but still haven't got there yet. It will happen.

  14. Hi, Diana.

    I am going taiwan in Nov 2014. Around Taipei area only for 6 days.

    May i know where is the accomodation you may recommend?



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