Thursday, March 7, 2013

Siem Reap, Cambodia 2013 (Sneak Peek)

Have anyone of you organise a gathering trip with your school/college/unimates after graduated? Yes, I did and I think I did almost every year with different group of friends of mine. Most of my trips since year 2010 until now were either gathering trips with my secondary classmates, collegemates and even my UK unimates. Since ever all of us graduated, it's is so hard and rare to hang out together and in my own opinion, one of the best way is to have a gathering trip. However, it's not easy anyway cause sometimes it's difficult for us to find the suitable date for us to gather for a trip. Take for example for my last year Bali trip, it was supposed to be a gathering trip with my collegemates but turns out to be only 3 people were joining.

Luckily last year I managed to secure airtickets to Cambodia for 7 people at least. Actually this suppose to be my first trip for this year but turns out I went Johor Bahru and Singapore early of this year and also to Bangkok with my family last month for Chinese New Year holidays. Hence, I didn't spend much time to plan well for this trip as I was busy with closing account and setting my own business at the same time. But I glad that everything turns out well despite the scorching hot weather throughout our visit.

So, here's what my friends and I did during our 6 days trip to Siem Reap, Cambodia:

Angkor Wat, Cambodia
#1: Witness the mesmerizing sunset at Angkor Wat

2013 Cambodia, Siem Reap 01
#2: Bayon Temple, one of famous landmark of Siem Reap 

2013 Cambodia, Siem Reap 02
#3: Ta Phrom, this is where Angelina Jolie stood for the film Tomb Raider

2013 Cambodia, Siem Reap 03
#4: Sunset moment at floating village in Tonle Sap Lake

2013 Cambodia, Siem Reap 06
#5: Watching Aspara dancing show while enjoy our buffet dinner

2013 Cambodia, Siem Reap 04
#6: Bought some souvenirs such as postcards, fridge magnets, T-shirt for memento at Old Market 

2013 Cambodia, Siem Reap 05
#7: Almost every night we went Pub Street for dinner and also for night market which is nearby.

2013 Cambodia, Siem Reap 07
#8: Despite their poor living standard, I was so surprised that Cambodia people tends to be more friendly and love to smile to the tourists. 

For this trip, I really enjoy myself to the fullest - laughing non-stop and talking with my friends and this reminds me of my young, free and bold college life. Now, we are looking forward for our next trip. Wondering where should we heading next? In between and out of my expectation, my friends gave me a huge surprised by celebrating my early birthday in Cambodia. I was so shocked and my tears almost shedding cause I never ever thought they will purposely go and find birthday cake for me. Thank you so much, my friends!

2013 Cambodia, Siem Reap 08
#9: Celebrated my early birthday while having Chinese cuisine somewhere nearby Pub Street

Oh well, I am feeling kinda exhausted and tired now cause except for November last year, I had travelled abroad every month since last year August until now. But all of these paid off when I received this kind of message:

Cambodia 2013
Looks like I need to change my course to Tourism and become tourist guide. Don't you think so?

So without looking any further, Cambodia concluded as my third trip for this year and also marked as the 27th country I'd visited up to date. 

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  1. yeay! mission accomplish huh? well, i know the challenge, but great to hear that everything went well :)

    cambodia indeed, a beautiful country :) i suka :D

  2. I really wished to have a picture with the ancient background.(#2 picture) Your photos are so awesome Diana! :D I think you're really suitable now to be a tour guide hehe you've been travelling so much places..

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  4. Hallo Diana! :D

    Great fun with had with your friends there oo~~

    Meitzeu @ Blog

    Meitzeu @ Facebook

    Meitzeu @ Twitter

  5. i have to say, i agree with the fact that travelling can be a good way of gatherings...i also love to do that once in a while...

    and i miss Cambodia!

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  7. LOL...the 1st phto reminds me of a book Inspector Singh Investigate in Cambodia.

    One of these days maybe can travel there

  8. looks like you had a blast! i wish i can visit siem reap one of these days too. :)

  9. Saw these places in Cambodia in a television programme name woman 爱旅行。I think I will like the night market selling souvenirs such as fridge magnets and T shirts.

  10. Cambodian fine silk pieces and textile materials are world renown. Moreover, Cambodia is a treasure trove for sculptures, carvings, silverwork and paintings. There are just so many things to shop for here in Cambodia.

    1. Thanks for the info and the link for my future reference. I love to visit Cambodia again and perhaps, Phnom Penh next time =D

  11. i will be looking forward to your post on the Angkor Wat :D do inform me ya :D

  12. Nice Post.I like your photos in this beautiful place.


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  14. Thanks, Cambodia is a wonderful place to be!


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