Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Rising & Falling of Berlin Wall

Date of Visited: 3rd October 2008

Many years have now passed since the collapse of the Berlin Wall, which once separating east from West Berlin. This 28 years old long concrete wall was a barrier constructed by the German Democratic Republic that completely cut-off the West of Berlin from surrounding East Germany and East Berlin.

Berlin Wall 01

Built in 1961, this Berlin Wall stretched over a hundred miles long was once a 96 miles barbed wire fence before its officially being torn down in 1989. Not entirely of these walls are being destroyed as there are few of these concrete walls left standing as memorials.

Berlin Wall 02

The first part of the Berlin Wall we visited was the East Side Gallery and this is the longest remaining part of the Berlin Wall. This 1.3km long section has now become an international memorial for freedom which consists more than hundred of paintings painted by artists from all over the world.

Berlin Wall 03

Unfortunately, because it is an open air-gallery, this Berlin Wall is now heavily damaged by so called as graffiti and vandalism.

Berlin Wall 04
DT and Berlin Wall itself

Berlin Wall 05
The paint on the left wall is one of the well-known landmark of Berlin, Brandenburg Gate

Berlin Wall 06
Besides East Side Gallery, some of the remaining stretch of the wall can be find in the city center of Berlin such as Checkpoint Charlie.

Well, without a doubt, the history of Berlin Wall itself has now become one of the most interesting parts of German history.

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  1. Good pictures, fascinating place. I am certainly going to visit Berlin this year.


  2. could never imagine that the current Berlin wall looks so fancy.

  3. very intriguing! wish to visit there one day :)

  4. hey... Berlin! wow.. i would love to go there one day! Love traveling but must find the right company... yes?


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