Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Meadowhall and It's Shopping Time

It was sudden decision make by Hui Xiang to go Meadowhall. By the way, I did plan to go Meadowhall to shopping with Kai Xin but because she just came back from Liverpool, she is too tired and try to avoid cash outflow from her pocket, so we postponed to other day. She told me she had bought lots of things at Liverpool.. This make me more impatient and I really can't wait to go Liverpool. Luckily Hui Xiang came into my room and told me that she want go shopping. So continue with plan go Meadowhall at 10 am. Wait!! Which means I will not around in my room and doing my assignment..OMG! Rushing my assignment till 4 am so that tomorrow I can enjoy my shopping spree..=.="

Early morning, go Netto..Purposely go there to buy Walkers coz offer..24 packs for 2.09 pound..I really love to eat Walkers coz it accompany me at nite..

Not all flavour I like as it is very salt. I like the most is the blue colour, Cheese & Onion

By the way, I love to eat tit-bits. My dad had gave advises that eating tit-bits too much not good for health but I really can't stand. Sorry dad for not listening to your advise. Funny thing about this is when I reach Netto at 9am, Walkers gone! Where had u been?? Me and Adam resist to leave the supermarket as we keep on waiting for the staff to take new stock..Wait for 1 hour and yet, still no Walkers. Is it out of stock or the offer is not today? Can't wait any longer, Adam went and ask the staff and u know what? Just inside their storeroom. Better ask early. Oh gosh! The time is 10.10 am. Hui Xiang and Sin Liang is waiting for me..I'm really sorry for the late.

Back to my flat, rushing to change my clothes and dress up myself..Finish in 10 minutes..Time to leave to Meadowhall! We took train to Meadowhall and when we reach there, "Is this the right place?" I asked them. Because my friends told me that we will straight reach the Meadowhall shopping centre like Mid Valley but when we reach there, it was like what I imagine.. Anyway, we reach the correct place and what else!! Shopping time!! Sure finding Primark as those clothes are really cheap...Inside for Primark for almost 2hours..Better leave earlier if not, i will bankrupt in Primark..Besides Primark, we also went to Sports Direct..OMG!! Sports Direct in Meadowhall is 10 times bigger than in Sheffield..Too many things to look at and it is cheap too..Again, we inside there for 2hours plus..Shop shop shop till we feel hungry.. Faster go back home..

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