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Taiwan For The 5th Time (Sneak Peek)

I just came back from Taiwan last year and little did I know, I will be going there again. It's not like that I don't like Taiwan, I love it actually and it's one of my favourite countries after Japan and Thailand but travelling to the same place over and over again in less than a year, it will make the place seems to be uninteresting cause I might be repeating the same things I did from the previous visit. 

2019 Taiwan Taipei AirAsia X
#1: Flying to Taiwan with AirAsia X

But since Taiwan is calling me again, well it's no harm for returning and check out what other things Taiwan has to offer.

Our trip didn't start well when our flight from Kuala Lumpur to Taiwan Taoyuan delayed for more than 8 hours due to Typhoon Lekima and all our initial plan was kinda screwed up. Now I'm in the midst of claiming my travel insurance. Wondering how much will be my claim? I will share about this in future. 

2019 Taiwan Chiayi
#2: Welcome to Chiayi

Once we arrived at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, immediately we took bus to Taichung and overnight there before heading to Chiayi on the following day. I've been both Taipei and Taichung several times but never Chiayi. Chiayi serves as a stopover/transit before proceed to Alishan National Scenic Area

2019 Taiwan Alishan Forest Railway 01
#3: Alishan Forest Railway ride

But again due to Typhoon Lekima aftermath, the rain poured without a stop in Alishan and we can't do much activities, except riding on Alishan Forest Railway. We even missed out watching the sunrise which is one of the things must do when in Alishan. 

2019 Taiwan Taipei Ningxia Night Market
#4: Ningxia Night Market, less than 10 minutes walk from Taipei Main Station

We then went back to Taipei and cracking our head thinking what should we do, where should we go since both the boyfriend and I have been like so many times - I've been like 5 times whereas the boyfriend has been like almost or even more than 10 times, I guess. But of course the one and only thing I must include in my itinerary when comes to Taiwan is by visiting any of their night markets. A trip to Taiwan is definitely incomplete without a visit to any of their night markets, which is believed there are more than three hundred of them.

Other than night market, these are the things we did and places we went throughout our trip; some we went for the very first time and some we repeat again: 

2019 Taiwan Taipei Huashan 1914 Creative Park
#5: Huashan 1914 Creative Park - it's my first time here but for me, nothing to shout about.

2019 Taiwan Mr J French Italian Restaurant
#7: Mr J French-Italian Restaurant - a restaurant inspired by a multitalented Taiwanese pop star, Jay Chou but kinda disappointed cause they removed the grand piano which appeared in "The Secret" movie.

2019 Taiwan Taipei Steamboat Buffet
#8: Ximending Mala Hot Pot for second time to celebrate our 2nd year anniversary

2019 Taiwan Taipei Din Tai Fung
#9: Din Tai Fung - a prestige Taiwanese restaurant specialising in xiaolongbao. It's my first time cause I was so lazy to join the super insanely long queue previously but lucky this time we got seat in less than 30 minutes. 

#10: Hike up Elephant Mountain for the best view of Taipei city.

2019 Taiwan Taipei Line Store
#11: We're cool for the summer.

Will I return Taiwan for the 6th time? Maybe yes, but not in the nearest future cause I prefer to discover and explore more new country as there are quite number of countries in Asia I haven't been yet such as India, Pakistan, Mongolia and etc. 

Do you love Taiwan and how many times have you been there? What things of Taiwan make you love this nation even more? Do share with me by comment below. Cheers 💓 


  1. I have never been to Taiwan. But I bet everytime you will go to your favourite place and discover new one. I never think travelling can be boring. Haha.

    Must try the xiaolongbao when go to Taiwan.

  2. I never been Taiwan before because my family prefer go there in school holiday and as you know flight ticket in school holiday is quite expensive. Although I never been there but the food in Taiwan tempted me to try for :D


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