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Taiwan (2015): A Quick One in Taichung & Garden Stay

From Kenting, we travelled to Taichung. Taichung is no longer a strange land for me cause for my record, I've been there three times. Why I keep going back Taichung? All because of Fengjia Night Market - one of my most favourite night markets in Taiwan. 

Like I shared before on my Kenting post, my friend and I shared a cab to Kaohsiung and we requested to stop at HSR Zouying Station. From there, we took the High Speed Rail straight to Taichung. Just when we're about to have a nap, little did we realise we had finally arrived Taichung as the ride took less than an hour only. Alternatively, you can opt for bus from Kaohsiung to Taichung but being me, train is always my ultimate choice if the price is not hurting my bank account badly. 

2015 Taiwan HSR Zouying To Taichung Station MAS Teddy Bear
#1: High Speed Rail from Zouying Station (Kaohsiung) to Taichung.

Taiwan Kaohsiung MRT Bento
#2: Hearty Taiwanese Railway bento box - Bought in Zouying Station before boarding

From Taichung Station to Fengjia Night Market (逢甲夜市)
There are few available mode of transportation to reach this biggest night market in Taichung but we chosen to take taxi which charge roughly around NT$250-350 depending on the meter.

Alternatively, you can take free shuttle bus 160 towards Overseas Chinese University and stop at Feng Jia University if you are travelling with HSR train. Therefore, remember to keep the HSR train tickets for this exclusive privilege.

Fengjia Night Market 01
#3: Splendid and bustling Fengjia Night Market (逢甲夜市)

2015 Taiwan Taichung Hau;
#4: My shopping haul from the night market. 

My Stay in Taichung
There are two areas which are highly recommended when comes to choosing accommodation in Taichung. First one would be nearby Taichung TRA Station. The second area would be Fengjia Night Market and this is always my favourite pick to stay. There are abundant minsu/homestay dotted along Fengjia street. So whenever I went Taichung, I stayed in different minsu instead of returning to the one I stayed previously. Majority of the minsu are relatively cheap - you can find as low as NT1,000 per night for a double bed room attached with private bathroom and some rooms even decorated with pretty and amazing themes. 

Unfortunately, two of the minsu I booked no longer operating. I found these two through Facebook page. But still, I wanna share here for keepsake.

2015 Taiwan Taichung Garden Stay 1

2015 Taiwan Taichung Garden Stay 2

2015 Taiwan Taichung Garden Stay 3

2015 Taiwan Taichung Garden Stay 4

2015 Taiwan Taichung Garden Stay 5

That's all for my trip to Taichung - short, brief and quick. If you ask me would I be back to Taichung again, yes for sure. Why not? After all, there are still many things to do and see which I have yet discover. Like the colourful Rainbow Village, picturesque Cingjing Farm, and more. Looks like one need to spend at least three days, or even more when planning to visit Taichung.  

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  1. The night market must be good for you to visit it so many times.

  2. Taichung is my top favourite city in Taiwan. The people and food are different.
    I think all the night markets there are equally fun & interesting to shop.


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