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Europe (2017): Hello Prague Again!

Somehow, somewhere I feel like I'm still dreaming. I can't believe after 9 years, I am back to Prague once again. I still vividly remember if I was given another chance to visit Europe again, definitely Prague would be top of my list (refer to my old post: I'm In Love With Prague). Honestly speaking, I can't explain why I adore Prague so much to the extend, I would love to return for the second time. Probably because it's rich with history and culture as well as for its remarkable and prestigious architecture. 

After few hours brief stop in Cesky Krumlov, my journey continued with CK Shuttle which I booked earlier. Something happened in the middle of the journey whereby a middle aged couple from Thailand just realised that the wife left behind her waist pack at the toilet of petrol station. She requested the driver to turn around and drive back to the petrol station but unfortunately the driver unable to do so due to company's rules and policies. However, that Thai lady managed to get her waist pack by end of the day. Imagine she left behind three handphones including the latest model of iPhone. Thanks to the honestly of the petrol station's staff who found it right after received the call from the driver. Therefore, bear in mind to always remember to check your valuables before leaving. 

As I didn't make early request to drop-off right in front of my hostel, the driver stopped somewhere nearby the metro station. Here's come the scary moment. By the time I reached Prague, it was quite late at night. I was literally clueless of how should I get to my hostel. Luckily, I bought sim card with mobile data plan and brought along the leftover Czech crown from my maiden visit; or else I definitely cry for help. 

Where I Stayed in Prague
My main consideration when selecting for hostel to stay in Prague is to be as close to Charles Bridge and Old Town Square. But because I did my planning quite last minute and with limited budget, the one and option I have is Ritchie's Hostel & Hotel. I can't deny that the location is nothing short of perfect as this hostel is surrounded by numerous of restaurants, cafes, souvenir shops and etc. However the downside I approached was the whole place a bit worn and the staircase leads to the hostel are insanely narrow. I can't imagine those travel with huge luggage bags especially able to lift up to the hostel.

2017 Europe Prague Ritchie Hostel & Hotel

Date Stayed: 15 September 2017 (1 night)
Room Rate: €18 for a single bed in 8-bed female dormitory attached with bathroom (Booked via Agoda)

Things to Do & See in Prague
Apparently, there are various of things to do and see when visiting Prague and trust me, you would definitely refuse to leave as you will be amazed by this charming, colourful and beautiful city. Prague has become the most popular travel destination in Central Europe along with Vienna and Krakow with millions of tourists visit the city every year. I did blog about few of Prague's attractions and sightseeing which I experienced 9 years ago (refer my old post: 5 Things to See in Prague). As for this time around, some of the attractions I revisit for second time and for the rest, it's my first time to discover and experience.

2017 Europe Prague 02 Prague Nightview
#1: The sight and sound of Prague during night time

Right after I done with the hostel check-in and dumped my bags, I went out to look for dinner. What surprised me was even it's almost 10pm by the time I went out from the hostel, there are like hundreds, no, probably almost thousands of people still wandering around the town till almost midnight. Well, it's not a bad thing afterall because for someone who travel alone like me, I totally felt safe to walk around by my own. As usual, I woke up early like around 6-7am on the next morning for the sake of photo opportunity cause by the noon time, the whole city is overcrowded and it's hard to shoot without being photobombed. 

#2: The pure Gothic of Tyn Church in Old Town Square 

2017 Europe Prague 04
#3: Early bird get the perfect shot

2017 Europe Prague 19 Prague Astronomical Clock
#4: World's oldest operating Astronomical Clock - Currently undergoing general repair 

2017 Europe Prague 07
#5: Charles Bridge connects Old Town with Lesser Town. 

2017 Europe Prague 09
#6: It's old of Prague's most beautiful structures. 

2017 Europe Prague 10
#7: Old Town Bridge Tower - one of the most beautiful Gothic getaways in the world

2017 Europe Prague 11 Prague Dancing House
#8: Prague Dancing House - Finally I seen this! 

2017 Europe Prague 12 Prague Petřín Lookout Tower
#9: Walked up the hill which took roughly half an hour for Petrin Lookout Tower, the mini version of Paris's Eiffel Tower

2017 Europe Prague 13
#10: If you don't have the stamina to climb up the hill, then take Funicular Railway from Ujezd tram stop. 

2017 Europe Prague 14
#11: View over Prague while walking up Petrin Hill

2017 Europe Prague 15 Prague St. Nicholas Church
#12: St. Nicholas Church in Lesser Town

2017 Europe Prague 16 Prague Castle
#13: Prague Castle - I've been before, so not planning to visit again. 

Prague Castle 01
#14: My old photo on Prague Castle (refer my old post: 5 Things to See in Prague)

2017 Europe Prague 20 Prague Lennon Wall
#15: John Lennon Wall - Not an ordinary wall, it's filled with inspired graffiti and pieces of lyrics from the Beatles' songs. 

2017 Europe Prague 18 Prague Sex Machines Museum
#16: Sex Machines Museum located in Old Town Square 

2017 Europe Prague 20 Prague Hard Rock Cafe
#17: Any die-hard fan of Hard Rock Cafe? It situated right in the middle of Old Town Square

2017 Europe Prague 17 Prague Trdelnik
#18: Last but not least, don't forget to leave Prague without trying Trdelnik - sweet delicious pantry rolled in cinnamon sugar and with filling like ice-cream and chocolate sauce. 

Get Around Prague
In case you are wondering how do I get around Prague, oh well besides taking on the metro twice, all I did is by walking non-stop. Prague is renowned as a very "walkable city" and it is easily walk from one point to another. However as almost all the streets are cobbled, be prepared to wear a comfortable walking shoe. Seriously you can't imagine how far and how long I walked in a day - the highest record is almost 35,000 steps just in a day, almost equivalent to more than 20km. 

2017 Europe Prague 21
#19: Prague is renowned as a very "walkable city"

2017 Europe Prague 06
#20: Tram (streetcar)

How Much I Spent in Prague
Here are the breakdown:
Ritchie’s Hostel – 1 night
Add: Breakfast

Metro (subway) line - 2 trips

Food & Beverages

Souvenirs – magnets, postcards, stamps,
painting, tablespoon














Exchange Rate: €1.00 = RM5.12 as at September 2017
Exchange Rate: €1.00 = 24.80 CZK as at September 2017

Taking about currency and exchange rate in Prague, the official currency is Czech Crown (koruna). Not many shops and restaurants accept Euro, hence it is advisable to change Czech Crown. And when you intend to do so, please be aware that most of the exchange offices try to cheat customers with various tricks, especially those in tourist areas. I was almost being cheated for its flavourable and impression of good exchange rates which display on the board. I didn't notice the small fine print which stated below that the rate display only apply to those who exchange more than 100 EUR when I intended to exchange 20 EUR only. When I found out that the exchange rate is unfavourable and not the same as the display board, I told the exchange officer that I want to cancel the transaction but he refused as he had printed out the bill, implying it's too late. Damn! I told him it's not worth for me to exchange up to 100 EUR as I'm only staying for a day in Prague. But lucky me cause he agreed to give me at least with slightly rate, better than the rate given earlier on. At least I won't loss a lot of money. This is one of the scams and tricks that you must aware when exchange money in Prague. 

Despite my bad experience with the exchange rate, Prague is still relatively safe and sound for female traveller who wish to travel alone. In case you are going Prague for the very first time, do spend at least 3 days and 2 nights, or probably who know you might extend your stay by end of your visit in Prague.

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  1. Oh gosh narrow staircase, I hope you're not claustrophobic.

  2. Thanks for sharing the scam in exchange money, now I just knew that need to read carefully especially small fine print.

  3. I can see how much you loved Prague as my friends have been telling me it's the best place in entire Europe!!

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