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Taiwan (2013) Day 7: From Taipei to Taoyuan & My Taiwan Loots V.2

Our flight back to hometown was 9.50 am, which mean we have to be in the airport by 8 am, at least to avoid all those unforeseeable circumstances - long queues at the counter, clear immigration and security checkpoints. 

How To Get To Taoyuan International Airport (TPE) from Taipei City
Up to date, there is no MRT link between Taipei to Taoyuan yet but don't worry as there are few available means of transport to reach TPE from Taipei main city. Just to bear in mind that TPE is situated roughly around 40 minutes away from Taipei. Hence, one is strongly recommend to make a move to the airport at least 4 hours before the departure time. 

1) By Kuo Kang (國光) Bus 
The cheapest option to choose from - for as low as NT$125. The bus depart from Taipei West Station Terminal A in Taipei Main Station. However, the journey to airport takes almost an hour and if you are in hurry or like us whereby our flights were in the early morning, maybe this would not be the suitable option for you as the earliest bus is scheduled to be at 4.30 am. 

2) High Speed Rail
Although it didn't reach the airport directly, this is the fastest method to travel from Taipei Main Station to HSR Taoyuan which takes roughly around 19 to 22 minutes only and a single fare cost NT$160. The earliest train is scheduled to be at 6.30 am. Upon arriving HSR Taoyuan Station, take U-Bus ticket No. 705 directly to TPE (around 15-20 minutes, cost NT$30).

3) By Taxi
Expensive but an ideal option for those who need to catch flight in early morning and most importantly, hassle-free. The taxi fare cost around NT$650 to NT$1,000, depending on the traffic conditions. We opted for this option twice because both of our flights were scheduled in the morning, like I mentioned earlier.

Taoyuan International Airport Christmas Tree
#1: Christmas tree between 2010 and 2013

Taoyuan Airport Eva Air Hello Kitty
#2: Eva Air Hello Kitty kiosk 

I personally think Taoyuan International Airport is one of the most creative airports I ever visited. Look at the waiting lounge, they're so interesting and fascinating and each of them is decorated with different themes, such as E-library, Skyline and more. 

Taoyuan International Airport Waiting Lounge 02
#3: Waiting lounges with different unique themes

Taoyuan International Airport Waiting Lounge 01
#4: Hello Kitty is like everywhere in the airport 

Taiwan is an epic shopping destination and offers a great shopping experience. With numerous of night markets, which sell everything ranging from delicious local snacks to quality clothes, accessories and souvenirs, this is where I literally find anything I need in Taiwan at affordable prices with excellent quality. Below are my shopping loots from Taiwan:

Taiwan 2013 Haul 01
#5: My shopping loots 

Taiwan 2013 Haul 07
#6: Winter wear which mostly I bought from Fengjia Night Market, Taichung

Taiwan 2013 Haul 08
#7: Can't help myself from buying all these fukurou (owls) 

Taiwan 2013 Haul 09
#8: Waterproof bag

Taiwan 2013 Haul 02
#9: Luggage tags - Got them from Fengjia Night Market, Jiufen Old Street & Red House Ximending

Taiwan 2013 Haul 05
#10: Handphone casing from Fengjia Night Market, Taichung

Taiwan 2013 Haul 06
#11: Facial masks from main drugstore chains - Cosmed and Watsons

Taiwan 2013 Haul 03
#12: Socks and masks from various night market 

Taiwan 2013 Haul 04
#13: Adventure time pencil box for my brothers - They love this cartoon 

Taiwan 2013 Haul 10
#14: Camera straps from Red House Theater, Ximending 

Taiwan 2013 Haul 11
#15: Pineapple cakes from Tamshui Old Street 

Taiwan 2013 Haul 12
#16: My favourite unhealthy snacks - Pocky with so many flavours which can be found in Malaysia

One luggage bag is certainly not enough and by end of the trip, I had to buy a huge woven shopping bag to store all my clothes whereas my luggage was used to store all my souvenirs. This is what they define as guilty and sinful pleasures. 


  1. The owls so cute. LOL...a friend of mine if she saw these will go crazy. She loves them a lot

  2. The flight to KK only one trip per day which is early in the morning so to avoid late, taxi will be the best option although quite expensive.

  3. Thanks for sharing the transport options to TPE as I might visit my wife there next month when she conducts a training for MOE Taipei.
    I agree that Taoyuan airport is the most creative and lovable airport I have flown into. I specially like their full blooming orchid gardens! I could sit there for 2 hours and relax.
    Your shopping loots are interesting and it has given me some ideas what to shop.

  4. U like patterns top eh, can see from your TW loots :P

  5. I really want to taste the pineapple cake masa kt sana, tapi not sure halal or not..kesian betul..


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