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My Virgin Flight With SilkAir

I believe everyone love to try new things, right? So do I. Most of the times I prefer to stick with the airlines I'm comfortable with but then, it's not harm to venture new carrier once in a while.

In order to fly directly from Kota Kinabalu to Singapore, we only have two options; either with AirAsia or SilkAir. Flying with Malaysia Airlines would be time consuming cause it requires a transit in Kuala Lumpur before reach the desired destination. Sounds pretty funny right?

So last year, I decided to book my first ever virgin flight with SilkAir. SilkAir is a wholly owned subsidiary of Singapore Airlines and serves the short-haul destinations around Southeast Asia, Australia, China and Indian Subcontinent. The fare including 20kg of baggage allowance and complimentary meal and beverage service- obviously, it's not a low-cost carrier.

Silk Air 01
#1: SilkAir Airbus A320 at Kota Kinabalu International Airport (Terminal 1)

Silk Air 02
#2: My boarding pass with passport cover

Silk Air 03
#3: It's time for boarding!

This flight is divided into two distinctive classes of cabin - Business class and Economy class. When I stepped into the economy class, I was warm welcomed with its autumn colour scheme seats. 

Silk Air 09
#4: Economy class seat with 3-3 configuration

Initially, I purposely pre-assigned the front row but when during the process of check-in the counter, the staff asked whether do I mind to switch my seat with other passenger who like to sit together with the rest of his/her family members and because I was travelling alone, I don't mind with the switching seat arrangement. Guess what, I was given seat next to the emergency door.

Silk Air 06
 #5: Extra legroom space I got

Normal legroom for economy class seat is 12 inches but then sitting next to emergency door, can you imagine how long is the extra legroom I experienced? I can't even reach the in-flight magazine with my seat-belt fastened. I'm no kidding!

Silk Air 04
#6: Complimentary in-flight magazine

Silk Air 05
#7: City of Hanoi as the front cover

Silk Air 07
#7: Sumptuous in-flight meal - Sorry to say this but SilkAir one is much better than Malaysia Airlines, honestly speaking.

Silk Air 08
#8: Indeed a pleasant and comfortable flight with SilkAir

I don't mind to fly again with SilkAir provided the airfare is affordable and worth every dollar I spent. Not just the seat was comfortable but excellent and impeccable in-flight services from their helpful and friendly cabin crews.

Singapore Changi Airport
#9: Singapore Changi International Airport after 2 hours and 10 minutes flight

 SilkAir is flying directly from Kota Kinabalu to Singapore daily. 

This review is truly based on my own personal experience and is my genuine and honest opinion of this airlines, and that I have no personal or business relationship with this establishment.


  1. SilkAir flight looks comfortable. Thanks for sharing, maybe next time I can use it :D

  2. have never flied with SilkAir, in terms of flying routes and pricing, KK is always losing out.

  3. never tried but am going to take silkair and SIA next month. Excited!

  4. sounds like if given a choice, you'll be a returning customer for this airline ya :)


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