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Bali Day 3: Turtle Farm of Tanjung Benoa, Nusa Dua

Day of Visit: 13th August 2012

Comes to the third day, we have two optional tours; either to Lovina Beach for dolphin watching or to Nusa Dua for turtle island trip. Well of course, we're more interested for the first one but it was located 3 hours away from Kuta/Legian and we need to wake up as early as 2 am in the morning. Plus the chances of seeing the dolphin might be low. As we didn't book early this tour, hence we're opted for the latter option.

Bali Day 3 Tanjung Benoa Tour 01
#1: Nusa Dua beach

Nusa Dua beach is famed for its water sport activities such as windsurfing, parasailing, banana boat, jet ski, snorkelling cruises, submarine and even for scuba diving. But our main purpose is to visit the turtle farm in Tanjung Benoa, which situated in northern side from Nusa Dua beach. 

Bali Day 3 Tanjung Benoa Tour 05
#2: Deluang Sari Turtle Farm of Tanjung Benoa

Once we arrived Nusa Dua beach, we were approached by the tour operator and he persuaded us to take some recommended tours, especially on water sport activities but we refused. At the end, we only agreed for the turtle island tour and to be frank, it was kinda costly as it cost USD$30 per pax. After tried our best to negotiate the price with the tour operator, finally we agreed at the price of USD$25 per person, which approximately to RM75.

The journey from Nusa Dua beach to Tanjung Benoa took about 20 minutes and we ride on a motorboat with a clear glass bottom. From the boat, we able to see beautiful and colourful underwater scenery without having to dive.

Bali Day 3 Tanjung Benoa Tour 06
#3: Hundreds of baby turtles were placed inside baskets

Bali Day 3 Tanjung Benoa Tour 02
#4: Take a pitcha with the turtle. 

Bali Day 3 Tanjung Benoa Tour 03
#5: Huge and giant turtle which I believed aged hundred years old.

On this turtle island, besides turtles, we also saw few other animals; such as bats, snakes, hawks, komodo dragons, birds and more as part of the wildlife collection. Most of the animals were tamed so that we will be able to touch and hold them. 

Bali Day 3 Tanjung Benoa Tour 04
#6: Huge bats were hollowing on the tree. We even brave ourself to hold them and take picture with them.

Bali Day 3 Tanjung Benoa Tour 07
#7: Hawks

Bali Day 3 Tanjung Benoa Tour 08
#8: Small island of Tanjung Benoa

The turtle island itself is very small and within less than half an hour, we had done with seeing everything. Besides getting near to the wildlife animals especially the hundred years old turtles, nothing special about this island and I personally would not recommended this tour to anyone. Seriously, it really pricey and not worth for visit.

Bali Day 3 Tanjung Benoa Tour 09
#9: Saw a random cafe by the island side while on the way back to the beach

Bali Day 3 Tanjung Benoa Tour 10
#10: Most people come to Nusa Dua beach for water sport activities

Bali Day 3 Tanjung Benoa Tour 11
#11: That's kite by the way. I love this photo

Conclusion, this trip is expensive, short and not worth for every dollar we paid. Perhaps next time, my friends and I should opt for Lovina Beach for dolphin watching.


  1. the bat looks huge! i pernah touch one time, it has a smooth wings :)

  2. Turtles! I have been seeing them quite a few time this year...They are so adorable...

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  4. aiyo the dolphin activity is 3 hours away from Kuta beach ar? that is the better experience. thanks for informing me the other day.

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  5. Awwww the baby turtles are so cute!! Omg..those are real bats?! That's scary..
    This place is so cool!

  6. my tour guide didnt introduce this place to us when we were at nusa dua T___T the turtles are soooooo cute awwww <3

  7. So much to see and so much fun!!!!!! I never knew this place existed! You lucky and smart traveler dei...! You must organise tour for bloggers next time.

  8. what a scenic view ( :
    thanks for joining my giveaway (( :
    you're from sabah ? that's cool, i love sabah a lot ever since i've been there last year for holiday

  9. Oh~~~the big batman , oppss...is bat!!! *runaway!!*

  10. Good sharing, Tanjung Benoa in south-eastern tip of Bali and Nusa Dua, accessable through Kuta, Sanur and Ngurah Rai Airport with not more than 40 minutes with boat. See detail visit:


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