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Ho Chi Minh City Day 4: Saigon Square

Date of Visit: 4th April 2012

From War Remnants Museum which tucked in District 3, we walked back again to District 1 for Saigon Square. Actually in between, we did wander somewhere else before we stumbled upon Saigon Square.

Saigon Square 01
#1: The side entrance of Saigon Square

Saigon Square is another option for those who looking for shopping fix. If Ben Thanh Market is not your favourite choice, then you may consider here for a decent shopping as Saigon Square is equipped with air-conditioner, less crowded, wider space and of course, more cleaner and cheerful atmosphere. On top of that, the stall vendors won't hassled or pulled us if compare to those stall vendors in Ben Thanh Market giving us more freedom and relaxing feelings to scout around.

Saigon Square 02
#2: Main entrance of Saigon Square

Literally packed under one roof, Saigon Square stocks with plenty of stuffs - from clothing to sunglasses, handbag, luggage bag, footwear, accessories, jewelries, watches, belts and more. Even electronic items including those smartphone accessories such as cover and also DVD are available here. 

Saigon Square 04
#3: The overview of Saigon Square's ground floor

We spotted tons of designers fashions and footwear here - from Louis Vuitton, Channel and Gucci handbags to Polo Ralph, Lacoste and Burberry polo T-shirt were being sold here. Not just that, high-end items like Ray Ban and D&G sunglasses as well as Rolex and Tag Heuer watches can be found inside Saigon Square. But of course, bear in mind all of these items here are either export overruns, factory rejects and even completely knock-offs, but the prices are reasonable and the quality is satisfactory.

#4: More room to manoeuvre in between the stalls

As Saigon Square offers a better atmosphere, hence almost of the items here are quoted at higher price.  But not to worry, you still can try to negotiate with them but it is impossible for you to bargain until half of the price. Most probably they are only willing to shave few dollars. And if you are not satisfy with the price, just give a smile and walk away and scout other stalls as I believe there are more stalls selling the same items as well.
Saigon Square 03
#5: Colourful Crumpler bags

One of the main reason we visited Saigon Square was mainly scouting for Crumpler bag. My friend told me that the Crumpler bags sold in Vietnam is freaking dirt cheap cause they were made in Vietnam. Crumpler bags are specially designed for backpack type and putting cameras and notebook. At first, I almost wanna joined my friend to buy one of these bags but at the end, I didn't do so cause I think it's not that essential for me. Plus, I have plenty of sling bags back in my home.

Saigon Square 05
#6: Saigon Square - One of the top markets of Ho Chi Minh City

Unlike Ben Thanh Market, the stall vendors of Saigon Square only accept currency in US dollar and Vietnamese dong. Even if you are not in the mood of shopping, a visit to Saigon Square is another one of the unique kind experience where it gives you a taste of Vietnamese market.


  1. i didnt go to this place...hmmm...

  2. Saigon have better places than what i thought hehehee..

  3. wahh!! seems like a really nice place to go! i'm planning to go there this end of year with my family though!

  4. a great place to shop,.. i want to go ..


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