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Philippines Day 4 - Manila City Tour Part 3 (Quiapo Market Manila, San Agustin Church & Casa Manila)

Date of Visit: 23rd March 2012

Before we move on to the next two attractions which located in Intramuros, Abel brought us to Quiapo Market Manila instead Divisoria which we did requested earlier. The reason why Abel refused brought us to Divisoria was because he told us it was overcrowded and at the same, it kinda dangerous for us. I did checked from Tripadvisor and some of the reviewers did mentioned that Divisoria is full of robbers and many being attacked by pick pocket and there were some gang controlled. Divisoria is well known as a market district that fill with wide assortment of low-priced goods and wholesale and bargain shopping. Abel told us there are other alternatives besides Divisoria, and so he recommended us to Quiapo Market Manila.

Day 4 - Philippines Quiapo Market Manila 01
#1: Quiapo Market Manila is another  good and cheap destination to enjoy shopping in Manila, besides Divisoria

Day 4 - Philippines Quiapo Market Manila 02
#2: Well known for its traditional Filipino handicrafts

Situated in the district of old Manila, Quaipo Market Manila is the best place for those who are seeking for Philippines handicrafts, such as carvings, lamps made out of shells, canework and even traditional Filipino handicrafts. And of course, you can bargain with the seller until you are satisfy with the price itself. But for us, we were just looking for normal souvenirs that can give as a gift to our fellow friends and family members such as T-shirt, keychains, fridge magnets and pouch and we bought in a bulk. When I looked into some of the souvenirs being displayed, I was shocked cause somehow some are similar to the one in Kota Kinabalu's Filipino Market.

Day 4 - Philippines Jollibee
#3: Lunch at Jollibee

I'm not sure whether has Jollibee establish their business in Peninsular Malaysia but I'm for sure that there used to be a Jollibee existed in Kota Kinabalu but it couldn't last longer and now no more available here. If for those who never came across this, Jollibee is a famous fast-food restaurant chain in Philippines. It is an American-style fast-food restaurant with Filipino-influenced dishes specializing in burgers, spaghetti and more. 

Done with fulfilled our hungry stomach, we then continued with San Agustin Church and Casa Manila which located inside the historic walled city of Intamuros. 

Day 4 - Philippines San Agustin Church 01
#4: San Agustin Church

San Agustin Church, is the oldest stone church in Philippines. It is the first European stone church to be built in the Philippines designed in Spanish architectural structure. No wonder when I saw for the very first time, I was amazed with this church and I can say it was one of the most beautiful church I ever saw. I personally think even more beautiful than Manila Cathedral which we visited earlier (click HERE). One of my friend said if she is filthy rich, she would love to have her wedding here.

Just like Manila Cathedral, despite being destroyed by several fires and earthquakes, San Agustin Church has survived from all those threats and still stay strong until today. It has also being listed as World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Day 4 - Philippines San Agustin Church 03
#5: The altar of the San Agustin Church

Day 4 - Philippines San Agustin Church 04
#6: Paintings and sculptures were looking so calm and peace inside the church itself.

Day 4 - Philippines San Agustin Church 02
#7: Interior of San Agustin Church

San Agustin Church is open daily but if there is any wedding being held, then it wouldn't allow for visiting. This church is subject to admission fee of P100 but I think it is worth because there is a museum inside for more understanding of their history and culture. It's great place for phototaking as well and we spend more than an hour inside this church.

Day 4 - Philippines Casa Manila 04
#8: Casa Manila (left) and San Agustin Church (right) are located so near to each other.

Day 4 - Philippines Casa Manila 01
#9: Casa Manila Museum

Another type of museum in Intramuros, Casa Manila is a replica of a 19th century Manila house which recreating the living conditions of a typical Manila family during the Spanish colonial rule. With the admission fee of P75 per adult, unfortunately, phototaking is prohibited inside the museum. Upon paying the admission fee, we were being so called "escorted" by the staff from breaking any rules inside the museum. One of it was we must walk on the red carpet inside the house and not allowed to stepping outside from it. The replica consists of several rooms, living room, bathroom, kitchen and more. The rooms are highly decorated with wood carvings and European art and decoration styles. We almost broke the "NO PHOTO ALLOWED" rule when seeing all those.

Day 4 - Philippines Casa Manila 02
#10: Even Casa Manila is heavily influenced with Spanish architecture

Day 4 - Philippines Casa Manila 03
#11: Lovely fountain in the middle of the courtyard of Casa Manila

If you are not interested visiting this museum, there are numerous of cafe and restaurant surrounding this museum which you can try.

[Credit To: Manila-Philippineshotel.com,Wikipilipinas]


  1. babe, did u go to boracay or panglao or puerto princessa?

  2. I would like to explore the market.

  3. the San Agustin Church is awesome!!!

  4. Your description of Divisoria sound really scary, how could this happen at a popular tourist spot?

  5. So pretty! I would love to go there and take lots of pictures!

  6. their catholic church is sooo artistic...unlike Malaysian one..a bit sien and boring design..hehe

  7. i just love San Augustin Cathedral...the internal is just so beautiful!

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