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Penang Trip

Date of visited: 3rd - 4th November 2007

This trip was organized by Sabah and Sarawak Students Society of TARC together with Askar Wataniah. Well, it was my first ever trip since after had been joining Sabah and Sarawak Students Society for almost 4 years. Anyway, most of my hostel friends were joining this trip as well as my 2 best friends, Kai Wee and Liong Sung. I bet it's going to be a very enjoyable trip with them.

We waited the bus in early morning. As usual, I couldn't sleep well if there is any events or activities on the next day. Can consider I was having an insomnia? We waited in front of the hostel guard house around 5.30 am. Quite early right? This was because the bus started at 7am. Gosh!! We reached Penang around in the noon. I damn freaking love the accommodation provided. Staying in the apartment attached with swimming pool. Cool man!

This is the first photo being edited by me. Not really nice but I will not give up.
Pic: Group photos in front of the swimming pool.

On the second day, we were being tortured. Our activity was to climb Bukit Bendera. Climb? Yup, climb. But there is a cable car. So funny right? Anyway, it was a good experience. We had been climbing for 4 hours. Hiking inside the forest. It's had been so long I had not hiking since I studied at TARC. During my secondary time, every year I will going to hike with my friends and Girl Guides society. Although it's tired, it's quite fun anyway


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