Monday, March 26, 2018

Tokyo for My Birthday Trip (Sneak Peek)

Can't deny out of the 40 countries I've been, Japan is my favourite country I ever visited. The thing I that make me admire Japan is because for its unique diversity. It's indeed a great country where tradition meets the future. It has everything that one could ever imagine - it's fast-paced, yet serene and peaceful at the same time. It has that magical which instantly captivate and leave me enchanted. And that's why I chosen Japan as my birthday trip. 

2018 Japan Tokyo MAS Airport
#1: Up to date, Malaysia Airlines is the only airline offers direct flight from Kota Kinabalu to Tokyo.

Four consecutive years since 2015 - Tokyo, Tokyo, Tokyo & Tokyo again! Honestly to say, I never get bored of this capital city and now planning to go again. But somehow, this time around I decided to do something different - visit Tokyo's less touristy and off the beaten path such as Kinugawa, Nikko, Gala Yuzawa and more. 

2018 Japan Kinugawa
#2: Our first day visited Kinugawa Onsen - a well-known hot spring resort town in Tochigi Prefecture. 

2018 Japan Nikko
#3: Toshogu Shrine, the World Heritage Site located in Nikko. Nikko is less than two hours away from Tokyo under JR line or private Tobu Nikko Line.  

2018 Japan Nikko 01
#4: The most famous carving of the shrine is the three wise monkeys, who "hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil".

#5: Back to Tokyo on the second night and we stumbled upon a sakura blossom tree in full glory in Ueno Park 🌸🌸

2018 Japan Gala Yuzawa
#6: From sakura blossom, we went for snow experince in Gala Yuzawa. Who ever thought there is a ski resort situated not far away from Tokyo? ❄❄

2018 Japan Hakone Fuji-san
#7: Went Hakone for the second time and finally I saw the majestic Fuji-san (Mount Fuji). It left me speechless

2018 Japan Public Onsen
#8: Outdoor public onsen. Enjoying the view while relaxing myself in hot spring.

2018 Japan Yokohama
#9: Yokohama for the second time just to visit Cup Noodles Museum and Shin Yokohama Ramen Museum which I miss out previously. It's really an eye-opening.

Tokyo Ramen
#10: Ramen, ramen and ramen, We had ramen almost everyday - from Ichiran to Ippudo as well as two Michelin-starred ramen shops in Tokyo. Damn! I miss ramen now cause it's hard to find any Japanese restaurants in KK serving a bowl of delicious ramen. 

2018 Japan Tokyo Harbs
#11: Last but not least, a birthday trip isn't complete without a cake - this is one dessert to die for, mille crepe in Harbs, Roppongi Hills. 

Wondering when will I able to blog all my travelogues. So many to blog but keep procrastinating. And guess what, my next trip is coming soon. 


  1. Nyummy ramen!! I really don't mind having it everyday.
    I wish I can travel to Tokyo soon.

    Fay x

  2. I never been Japan before, hope will have chance to go there for a visit soon. Hehe..
    The Mount Fuji is so beautiful!!

  3. I also cannot get enough of Japan. I plan to comeback to Tokyo in 2020 for the Olympic.

  4. OMG, I would do the same if I ever have the time and budget to travel. Japan is always top on the list. ❤❤❤ That mount fuji photo though 😍 omg, I haven't even get to try onsen yet. My friend didn't wanna go the last time I was there. And also didn't get to eat ramen. Think there's a no pork broth one in Kyoto?

  5. Thanks for telling me that Japan is still your favourite country out of the 40 countries you have visited!! That's why we have visited 6-7 times and going again & again.

  6. What a luxury dip in your own private onsen!

    That piece of Mille Crepe is so delicious and thick!!!!

    I want! I want!

  7. Hi Diana, may I know which hotel you stay at Hakone which has private onsen?

    1. Hi Small Bamboo! The hotel I stayed at Hakone doesn't come with private onsen. It's public onsen actually.


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