Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Europe (2017): Brief Stop in Ceský Krumlov, Czech Republic

Vienna, Salzburg & Hallstatt - Although I spent at least a day in each of these cities which might consider to be rush and short, but I glad that finally all these three had been ticked off my from bucket list. Will I be back again? Probably yes for both Salzburg and Hallstatt but nope for Vienna. 

So after spending three nights in Austria, I continued to the following country which is Czech Republic. It is a small landlocked country in Central Europe, located southeast of Germany and bordering Austria to the south, Poland to the north and Slovakia to the southeast. However, getting out from Hallstatt to the capital city of Czech Republic could be quite inconvenient as there is no direct transfer via public train or bus. At the end, my one and only last resort is by taking CK Shuttle.

CK Shuttle Hallstatt to Prague

Why I choose CK Shuttle?
  1. Convenient, easy and comfortable way to reach Prague from Hallstatt
  2. Affordable and reliable fully air-conditioned 8-seated van 
  3. Friendly and experienced English speaking driver
However for a transfer from Hallstatt to Prague, the capital city of Czech Republic, there would be a few hours stop in Cesky Krumlov. I never bother to check out this town until I reach there. Frankly speaking, I was utterly regret for didn't plan my trip here cause I never knew this historical town is exceptionally beautiful and spectacular. Silly me! 

2017 Europe Ceský Krumlov 01

Cesky Krumlov, an old city in the south of Czech Republic is a little like Prague in miniature. It is the second most visited town after Prague and in 1992, it has been listed in UNESCO World Heritage Site. This picturesque town is surrounded by rolling hills and the Vltava River along with a stunning castle and charming old town square.

2017 Europe Ceský Krumlov 02

Cesky Krumlov is one pretty compact, dense and convenient to getting around the town by foot. As I only had less than three hours to kill, I didn't wander too far away, or else I will miss out my second shuttle van to Prague. Due to uneven cobblestones path, it is advisable to wear comfortable walking shoes.

2017 Europe Ceský Krumlov 03
The charming old town square where filled with numerous of restaurants, cafe and shops. 

2017 Europe Ceský Krumlov 04
The architecture of the town is a mix of Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque.

2017 Europe Ceský Krumlov 07

2017 Europe Ceský Krumlov 05
Magnets - one of the best momento besides postcards and keychains

2017 Europe Ceský Krumlov 06
Skechers - my favourite pair of comfortable walking shoe

Conclusion, in case you are planning your trip to Prague, don't forget to include Cesky Krumlov too for your Czech Republic visits - at least plan a day trip there. Don't end up like me, I'm absolutely regret for not planning wisely to visit here, which claim to be one of the Europe's most beautiful and marvelous cities to see.  

One way from Hallstatt to Cesky Krumlov via CK Shuttle cost CZK700 (approx. to RM140) and the journey takes almost 3 hours with a short stop for toilet break.  


  1. How much do u pay for the journey to Prague with CK Shuttle..? The RM140 is only one way right?

    1. In total, I paid almost RM320 for trip from Hallstatt to Prague with one stop in Cesky Krumlov

  2. I must remember to visit Cesky Krumlov too. I have plans to visit Europe next Winter and it could be covered with snow.
    I am learning this new thing about the architecture of Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque. I wonder how you could identify them so well.
    Thanks for the tips to wear comfy shoes on the uneven roads.

  3. This was my first time to hear of this place, Ceský Krumlov. I like the town which can cover by foot :D

  4. Missed it, Cesky Krumlov last Dec hhmm.. Thanx for sharing your journey & beautiful pictures..

  5. Gosh, love the architecture of this place. It's like what you've seen in movies. <3


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