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Australia (2014) Day 2: Sydney - Bondi Beach, Fish Market & Queen Victoria Building

Date Visited: 12th October 2014

It's time for beaches, please!

No matter it's winter, spring, summer or autumn, Bondi Beach is one of the beach in Sydney where you can visit all year round. So on the second day after looking at the weather which was pretty fine and shining bright, we decided to kick off by hitting this beach. Bondi Beach is not far away from the city center, located less than 30 minutes and can be accessible by train and bus. 

There is a bus stop outside Malaysia Hall Sydney, therefore we just directly catch the bus #333 heading to Bondi Beach. There is no train where you can reach Bondi Beach directly, by end of the journey you still need to catch bus eventhough you start your journey from the Central Station. 

Day 2 - Bondi Beach 01
#1: Bondi Park signboard 

Just like little kids, we're so thrilled when we saw the beach on the right hand side while riding on the bus. The beach is so blue, as blue as the sky. It's so hard to get my eyes off from the pretty blue beach cause blue is always my favourite colour. We're lucky that the weather on that day was pretty clear and the sun was shining bright. Although it might be feeling hot, but thanks for the strong breeze. It's funny where my friends and I were fully covered - we're in long sleeves and long pants while the rest of the visitors were in their hot pants and sexy bikini instead. 

Day 2 - Bondi Beach 02
#2: Best place to take a break from the bustling city center 

Day 2 - Bondi Beach 03
#3: Swimming, sunworshipping, surfing, soaking and more at this beautiful beach 

Day 2 - Bondi Beach 04
#4: See how blue is the water? Just like the blue sky 

Another highlight of Bondi Beach is the Bondi Icebergs Pool which situated in beach's south side. Open to the public all year round, this pool has been historical landmark of Bondi Beach for more than 100 years. Too bad my friends and I didn't bring along any of our swimsuits, or else we really want to jump in into the pool and swim. 

Day 2 - Bondi Beach 05
#5: Bondi Icebergs Pool - famous landmark of Bondi Beach for more than 100 years 

I can conclude that Bondi Beach is my favourite beach so far - it's so clean and clear with beautiful and silky soft golden sands. That's explain why I return again later on this year with another group of friends.  

Day 2 - Bondi Markets
#6: Bondi Beach Market held at Bondi Beach Public School on every Saturday  

How To Get To Bondi Beach
From Central Station, take a suburban train on the Eastern Suburbs and Illawarra line (stopping on Platform 24) bound for Bondi Junction and get off at Bondi Junction station. At Bondi Junction, find the bus signboard and wait at B stand of the connecting bus terminal and hop on the bus #333. After about 10 minutes, get off at Campbell Pde Nr Hall St (right in front of Noah's Backpacker) and the beach will be on your right side. 

Next stop, seafood please! It's time for lunch and we made our way to Sydney Fish Market for seafood goodness. 

Day 2 - Sydney Light Rail
#7: Travel via light rail

Day 2 - Sydney Fish Market 06
#8: Can't wait to explore the market - Angmoh market really unlike our market, not the pasar type

Day 2 - Sydney Fish Market 03
#9: Wide selection of seafood - prawns, crabs, lobsters, scallops, fishes and much more to choose from. It's so difficult to make up our mind. 

Day 2 - Sydney Fish Market 01
#10: Finally we settled down a seafood platter that cost us AU$34.50

Day 2 - Sydney Fish Market 02
#11: It's just WoW! Itadakimasu

Day 2 - Sydney Fish Market 04
#12: You can also opt to dine outside but beware that anytime you might hit by the shit bomb 😋

Day 2 - Sydney Fish Market 05
#13: Huge pelicans. Most of the times I watched in the zoos but this time around, I was so close to them.  

How To Get To Sydney Fish Market
Light Rail Fish Market stop which is located across the road from the market.
General Opening Hours: 7am to 4.30pm

In between, my friends and I did another second round of sightseeing cruise from Darling Harbour to Circular Quay for Harbour Bridge and Opera House. And to end our second night, we went Queen Victoria Building, which is currently affectionately known as QVB. My first impression when I stumbled upon this building is the marvelous and stunning European architecture. 

Day 2 - Sydney Queen Victoria Building 01
#14: Queen Victoria Building, currently affectionately known as QVB

Day 2 - Sydney Queen Victoria Building 02
#15: Statue of Queen Victoria in front of the southern entrance 

Day 2 - Sydney Queen Victoria Building 03
#16: Magnificent architecture, majestic decorative arches and grand display window.

Day 2 - Sydney Queen Victoria Building 04
#17: Somehow QVB resembles Royal Arcade of Melbourne 

We done with the beaches and seafood. What's next?


  1. I like the seafood platter, looks yummy!

  2. Wow! That Bondi Beach is so spectacular and impressive. I like their beaches in overseas with lots of sandy area.

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