Thursday, July 23, 2015

Capsule by Container Hotel klia2

Looking for a place to crash overnight before catching the next flight but travel alone and in tight budget, Capsule by Container Hotel klia2 is definitely the ideal place for you to have short nap and quick break.

Capsule by Container Hotel 01

Previous years, I used to either stayed in Tune Hotel (this would be worth staying if two people shared the hotel cost), recharged in Plaza Premium Lounge (quite pricey) or even stayed awake for the whole night before catching my flight on the next morning but that's when I was young and full with energy. However as age is catching up, I found out no matter how tough I was, I still need to find a place to recharge energy and sufficient rest and there's where I found this - Capsule by Container Hotel klia2. Thanks to social media network, nowadays everything can be found by just one click away.

Capsule by Container Hotel 02

Located on the lower ground floor which just next to the bus and taxi counter, this capsule hotel consists of 79 capsules inspired by contemporary design & sustainable living on the mezzanine floor, upper and lower decks. In order to make reservation, one can either book online or walk-in for three different packages; opt for 3 hours, 6 hours or 9 hours. For someone who always like to book beforehand, I booked via online earlier for 6 hours packages. Upon check-in, guests are required to pay RM50 for security deposit and will be refundable upon check-out. Besides the key for the pre-asssigned capsule given, I was also provided with clean white towel and locker key.

Capsule by Container Hotel 10

Their locker which for guests to place baggage is located outside and before proceed to the capsule, remember to take all your valuable belongings along with you and things you need to use afterward. Each locker I believe can fit up to 28" of luggage size. 

Capsule by Container Hotel 09
This access key is very important cause besides in order to access into your pre-assigned capsule, it also use to activate the light and electricity of the capsule.

Capsule by Container Hotel 06
 The capsule - Perfectly fit for someone short like me. 

I have no problem with their capsule as it was pretty clean and comfortable. Each capsule equipped with two pillows, blanket, foldable table, personal locker/drawer, reading light, power socket and there is even blind which you could fold down if you want some privacy.

Capsule by Container Hotel 07
Separated bathrooms and toilets

One thing that concern about me is the cleanliness of sharing bathrooms but for this, there's nothing to worry about cause it exceptionally clean with pretty and stylish environment too. The bathrooms are equipped with hairdryer, hot and powerful shower as well as shower gel and shampoo are readily available.

Capsule by Container Hotel 08
Separated male and female toilets

Capsule by Container Hotel 04
Common area/Library with book exchange

Will I be back again? Of course I would and eventually I went back and booked for second time when I back from my Bangkok trip last May. It's fairly affordable, clean and most importantly I enjoyed my sleep comfortably before catching my flight back home on the next day.

The one and only downside I experience throughout my stay was the air-conditioner was not cold enough in the beginning and I found it quite stuffy. Another downside if you are light sleeper this capsule hotel might be not suitable as you could hear noises outside of the capsules. And this place is worth to stay in the case of travelling alone cause if two or more people, perhaps Tune Hotel would be the suitable option to stay.

Book online:
3 hours = RM50
6 hours = RM75
12 hours = RM95

Walk-in Rate:
3 hours = RM55
6 hours = RM80
12 hours = RM100

Capsule by Container Hotel
Lot L1-2 & 3, Gateway,
Terminal KLIA2, KL International Airport,
Jalan KLIA 2/1, 64000 KLIA, Sepang,
Selangor, Malaysia.


  1. I cannot imagine sleeping in such a narrow place, I don't think I will be used to it.

  2. Charged by hours? Cool!
    I like the washroom, look so chick and contemporary~

  3. this would be great even just to get refreshed after a long journey..

  4. huhu, quite okay ah the price for RM100 for 12 hour at KLIA somemore, thank for sharing

  5. This is good information as I am not aware they have this convenience! Good for long transit guests to lie down for a good nap and shower.

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