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Travel to Bangkok with Royal Brunei Airlines

Date Visited: 12th February 2013

When I went Bangkok for the very first time in October 2012 (click HERE), this beautiful and exotic city made me fall in love instantly and from there onwards, I wish and pray hardly that I could able to go there again. I even wish that I could go Bangkok every year cause it is one of my favourite cities I've been to. Who knew right after I back from my maiden trip within less than half year, my wish was granted whereby my family and I went Bangkok last year for Chinese New Year holiday.

Chinese New Year is the only time where all my siblings will be back for holiday and gather together.  And because of that, my father took this opportunity to have a family trip, or else it's difficult for us to do so. Initially, my dad almost signed up with tour company that cost almost RM3,000 per pax and luckily I managed to stop him from doing so. Imagine with that amount of money, I could travel and shop like crazy in Bangkok twice. So ended up, and once again I in charge of becoming the tour planner or tour leader as well as their so-called "tour guide"; from booking the airtickets, reserve hotel rooms to arrange tour for 10 people.

As there is no direct flight from Kota Kinabalu directly to Bangkok, we didn't have plenty of choices to choose from, either taking Malaysia Airlines or AirAsia and transit in Kuala Lumpur for few hours, or the last resort would be taking Royal Brunei Airlines and transit in Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei. After taking all the considerations especially in terms of fare, finally we chosen Royal Brunei Airlines as our official carrier for our Bangkok Family Trip.

Bangkok 2013 Day 1 - Royal Brunei 01
#1: Air stewardess of Royal Brunei and we flew with Boeing 777 from Kota Kinabalu to Bandar Seri Begawan

It's been a while I never flew with this prestigious airline cause according to my parents, I used to travel with them like almost every week when I was a little young girl. Talking about their aircraft, the seat was pretty comfortable and the legroom was so wide and spacious. Even for those who have long legs like my dad and his friend, they didn't seem to have any problem with that as well. Because the flying distance betwen Kota Kinabalu to Bandar Seri Begawan was relatively short, we were being served with fresh and sweet fruit juices only. I didn't take many photos cause I thought we will flying with the same aircraft for the flight from Bandar Seri Begawan to Bangkok.

Bangkok 2013 Day 1 - Royal Brunei 02
#2: But then I was totally wrong! Changed to smaller aircraft with 3-3 seats instead.

Bangkok 2013 Day 1 - Royal Brunei 03

Bangkok 2013 Day 1 - Royal Brunei 04
#4: In-flight meal. Frankly speaking, totally tasteless.

Bangkok 2013 Day 1 - Royal Brunei 05
#5: After 3 hours and 15 minutes flight, this was the sign that finally we reach Bangkok.

Bangkok 2013 Day 1 - Happy Tourist Sim Card
#6: Stay connected in Thailand with Happy Tourist Sim for only 299 baht

Lucky me cause before flew to Bangkok, I always use one of my all time favourite blogs when comes to Travel & Food - KampungBoyCityGal as part of the reference for my trip planning and I happened to come across their blogpost about the sim pack which I can stay connected throughout my trip in Thailand. In case you are just like me who can't live without Internet, purchase Happy Tourist Sim 299 which cost for 299 baht only (approx. to RM30) to get 100 baht free call plus 7-days unlimited internet.

As we were landed in Suvarnabhumi Airport, this sim card was purchased at the arrival hall on second floor, Gate 7. If Suvarnabhumi Airport is not your arriving port, no worry as you may easily get this from 7-Eleven, Mobile Retailer Shops and DTAC service centre. 
To find out more about this sim card,

Right after we done with purchasing of the sim card, we saw someone holding a paper with my name on it. Earlier, I had arranged our shuttle service with the hotel beforehand as there were 10 of us. As much as I love to travel using their public transport especially the airport rail link, somehow I have to take into account of my family members' conditions - especially in terms of convenient and hassle-free, unlike when travel alone or with friends.

2013 Thailand, Bangkok & Brunei 02
#7: Our stay throughout the 6D5N visit in Bangkok - Centre Point Pratunam Hotel Bangkok [Will blog more about this hotel in the upcoming post]

We were so surprised that our deluxe room was being upgraded to Presidential Suite upon check-in but then, it was literally for first night only. Except for the unprofessional services rendered, this is one hotel which I would highly recommend.

Bangkok 2013 Day 1 - Platinum Mall Food Court
#8: It was quite late by the time we arrived Bangkok and decided to hunt for foods in Platinum Mall, which just few minutes walk from our hotel.

Bangkok 2013 Day 1 - Shopping Haul Day 1
#9: My shopping haul on the first day.


  1. The room looks clean and nice. Unprofessional service? wanna hear more about that

  2. Gosh I miss Thailand.

    And the thing I miss the most is you know what? Wifi wherever you go. Wakaka.

    Your room looks great too. So big.

    Happy Wednesday, Diana.

  3. Sorry to hear about your unpleasant experience with the hotel service. Location seems pretty good.

  4. Be a tour planner is not so easy especially for 10 people, thumb up for you.

  5. This is my first time reading about this airlines which I have been curious.

  6. the color of the seats looks like MAS's color..hehehe..the food looks good leh..well well totally tasteless food is actually normal. There is a research stating that when we are past above certain sea levels, our tastebuds will have lesser effect on food..or try put the salt and pepper to enhance the taste... all the foods were actually tasted and tested...except for SilkAir sandwich few years back..totally beh khi..haha

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