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Our Main Mission To Bangkok Is Purely For Shopping!

That's it. My title post said it all! So if you are looking for some kind of wild adventure posts around Bangkok here, I'm sorry to inform you that my Bangkok travelogue is not what are you looking for. 

I can't deny that I love to do shopping but then, who doesn't anyway? Some said the best places to shop in the world would be Paris, Milan, London, Hong Kong (these are specially for those who are looking for famous designer brands and high end articles) and for budget shopaholics, most likely they prefer to shop in countries such as Indonesia (Jakarta & Bandung), China, Taiwan, Vietnam and Bangkok. So far from all the visits to various cities, I must admit that Bangkok is indeed undeniable the best shopping paradise in the world. And within less than half a year from this visit, I returned back to Bangkok again with my family for last year Chinese New Year holiday. That's shows how I love Bangkok so much and I don't mind of going back Bangkok every year. #daydreaming  

Date Visited: 17th October 2012
Day 1 Bangkok, Thailand 01
#1: Starting from 1st October 2012, AirAsia is no longer operating in Suvarnabhumi International Airport but moved to Don Mueang International Airport, one of Thailand's oldest airport.

I was kinda disappointed when I received message that AirAsia will be landing in Don Mueang International Airport, instead of Suvarnabhumi International Airport cause the latter one is more bigger, more convenient going to downtown and has more shops. But it's alright anyway, cause later on, I got the chance to visit Suvarnabhumi International Airport when I went with my family. 

By the time my friend and I arrived Don Mueang International Airport, basically it was completely new experience to most of the foreign travellers and tourists and I was even clueless on how to get to downtown from the airport. Only two options were available; either by public bus or taxi. Of course, both of us opted for taxi at the end cause it was our first time been to Bangkok and also as much as we love Bangkok, we still need to beware of the famous scams especially towards the foreign tourists. 

Tip For Taking Taxi from Don Mueang International Airport to Bangkok Downtown 
And talking about taxi, I would highly recommend to take the one outside the arrival area instead of booking from the taxi service booths in the main hall cause the latter one is freaking expensive. Double the fare cause that's what my friend and I paid initially but somehow, they refunded to us and asked us to wait for other taxi. A trip with the taxi outside the arrival area cost roughly 250 baht, depending on the traffic. 

Day 1 Bangkok, Thailand 02
#2: Our stay throughout 5D4N in Bangkok - The Period Pratunam Hotel. Cheap, convenient and most importantly, it is strategically located in Pratunam area. [Will blog more about this hotel in the upcoming post]

Day 1 Bangkok, Thailand 03
#3:We went to hunt for our late lunch in the nearby shopping mall - Shibuya 109

The thing I noticed about Thai's food courts (Phuket and Bangkok so far, for me) was most of them required patrons to purchase a value card from the cash desk first, then can only used at the stalls, which I found it was so troublesome. However, any unused value can be redeemed at the cash desk before you leave.

Day 1 Bangkok, Thailand 04
#4: I always love Thai foods, besides Japanese foods.

Day 1 Bangkok, Thailand 05
#5: So what's the next thing after lunch? Non other than shopping!

Day 1 Bangkok, Thailand 06
#6: 100 baht each? How can we resist with all these cheap bargain? It's totally irresistible!

Day 1 Bangkok, Thailand 07
#7: Platinum Fashion Mall, our favourite shopping mall in Bangkok. We went almost everyday. This shopping mall comprises 6th floor selling wide range of items.

Day 1 Bangkok, Thailand 08
#8: Accessories on the 5th floor of Platinum Fashion Mall

Day 1 Bangkok, Thailand 09
#9: Colourful handbags in the Zone 3.

Day 1 Bangkok, Thailand 10
#10: Shoes from 150 baht and above.

Day 1 Bangkok, Thailand 11
#11: From Platinum Fashion Mall, we walked to Central World Plaza for the famous Naraya. A visit to Bangkok is incomplete without a visit to Naraya.

Day 1 Bangkok, Thailand 12
#12: Our loots on the first day in Bangkok (Mine on the left)

To be continued...

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  1. To be cont...??? How cannnnn......

    my eyes bling bling already from the photo of the bags.

  2. I will be in Bangkok next month - staying right by the MBK shopping center amongst others - excited to say the least!

  3. First time visit your blog, blog hop from Small Kucing blog...

  4. I wish to visit BKK once a year too but the fact is my last visit was 3 years ago ~>_<~
    PS: You bought too little lah!

  5. That's what most people enjoy about Bangkok as well..Shopping seems to be the main attraction for Bangkok..

    I'm thinking of going back for a short trip end of this year for the sunflower field..

  6. I will go to Bangkok too in this coming July, can't wait to shop :)

  7. don mueang actually more convenient. I prefer that airport actually since it was nearer to my university in Bangkok last time. yea..the price there never inflated therefore it's very fun for shopping..unlike Malaysia, all also expensive

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