Thursday, April 17, 2014

North of Thailand 2014 (Sneak Peek)

"Located among green hills and mountains, Chiang Mai is a favourite Northern Thailand destination for travellers. The “Rose of the North” is well-known for extraordinary handicraft, delicious food and rich history. It is home to more than 300 temples in Lanna and Burmese styles, some of them are just as old as the city. It’s no surprise that expats from all over the world flock to Chiang Mai for that ideal blend of rustic appeal and modern amenities." Travel 3Sixty - AirAsia In-flight Magazine

Straightly we landed in Chiang Mai International Airport, my friend and I immediately booked bus ticket to a small town by the name of Pai, which located 3-4 hours from Chiang Mai. 

 Thailand - Pai 03
#1: Never underestimate this tiny and small little town of Pai. The fresh air, countryside sceneries and a hot spot for many tourists, no wonder that this artsy and hippie inspired town is popular for a few days’ getaway. I instantly fall in love with this town.

Thailand - Pai 01
#2: We woke up early just to catch sunrise in Pai Canyon where there was no one there, except my friend and I.

Thailand - Pai 04
#3: The most colourful and creative #postbox I ever bumped into and it's only in Pai town.

After spending 3 days 2 nights in Pai Town, we went back to Chiang Mai.

Thailand - Chiang Mai 01
#4: It's splashing here and there in Chiang Mai cause it's Songkran festival. This is how the Thai celebrated their New Year!

Thailand - Chiang Raii 01
#5: I took a day tour to Chiang Rai and one of the most anticipated for this trip was this Wat Rong Khun, the most magnificent and enchanting White Temple.

Thailand - Chiang Rai 02
#6: We also did a crossover to Laos! From Sawadee kap to Sabaidee! Just for 30 minutes

Thailand - Chiang Rai 03
#7: We almost did another crossover to Myanmar but the local tour guide refused to do so cause worry we unable to get back to Thailand. [Note: Malaysian require visa to enter into Myanmar]

Thailand - Chiang Mai 02
#8: With this, another of my travel checklist has been accomplished. Now considering where should be my next destination. 

P/S: Might not able to blog my North of Thailand travelogue at this moment cause catching up to blog my outdated and overdue travelogues. However, if you have any enquiry regarding my North of Thailand trip, you are welcome to leave me a message at


  1. If you had not mention it is a post box i would have thought it's some sort of card vending machine. so colorful leh :)

  2. Songkran festival, it looks fun!

  3. The white temple! Simply amazing!

  4. Oh my god, that third photo of you overlooking the sunrise is just awesome!

  5. I've to admit I'm awed by the sight of the white temple too. Received your postcard with thanks, DD! That's very sweet of you. xoxo

  6. Pai looks interesting, while the white temple magnificent.
    p/s - btw, where is that place in China you put in your header picture?

    1. It's in Shenzhen China Folk Culture Village. I couldn't find a nice photos of Great Wall of China =(, hence I replaced with this.

  7. Wow.. so cool diana teo.. cross border just for fun hahaha.. i like that :D
    Yes agree with u that postbox so cute hahahaa.. only in Pai .. :D

  8. wei dun always sneak peak ler..i cannot wait too long leh especially for the white temple.

  9. Hi do you mind listing down your itinerary for Chiang mai? Thanks!

    1. Hi! Would you mind email me at so I can share more with you there?


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