Monday, September 23, 2013

Tune Hotel LCCT Airport

Most of my readers were asking how's my stay in this Tune Hotel LCCT Airport? Since I am so lazy to start with my Bali travelogue, hence I choose to blog about this instead.

I never thought of staying in Tune Hotel LCCT Airport at all. I rather overnight in airport itself because most of the time when I browsed through the price of this hotel, it was kinda pricey and not worth as I will be only staying for few hours. But since I will be sharing with two of my friends (actually the maximum occupants are two) and coincidentally, there was 10% offer given, the total amount we paid for a night was RM150, including comfort package that comes with 24 hours air-conditioner and towels and also toiletries kit. So after doing the maths, each of us only had to pay RM50 - consider kinda cheap if share with friends instead of staying alone.

Tune Hotel LCCT Airport 01
#1: The main entrance of the hotel 

There are two options to reach this hotel; either taking shuttle bus or on foot. Just when my friend and I thought that the shuttle bus was free, we're absolutely wrong. It cost RM2 for one way only per pax and the ride was just less than 5 minutes. And of course, if you're not willing to take out this amount from your pocket, you can choose to walk which will take at least 10 minutes and above (depending how fast you can walk).

Tune Hotel LCCT Airport 02
#2: Reception and the staff inside this photo was very courteous and helpful.

Upon reaching this hotel, the queue to check-in was relatively long but thank goodness, their services were kinda fast. Just need to show the identification card or passport and booking reference for verification.

Tune Hotel LCCT Airport 03
#3: "We shrank our bed! Just for your viewing pleasure :)"

Tune Hotel LCCT Airport 05
#4: The room given was on the second floor and this hotel reminds me of MaxOne in Indonesia

Tune Hotel LCCT Airport 07
#5: The room key

Tune Hotel LCCT Airport 04
#6: Like what we expected, the room was indeed very tiny and compact.

If you have plenty of huge luggage bags, you might find difficulty to place and even open all your bags at the same time. The walk space within the room is big enough for one person only. Luckily for us who have the Asian size, moving around might be slightly uneasy but for those with bigger size, hardly for me to imagine how they able to move around. However, three of us love the comfortable bed as well as the soft pillow and amazingly, the bed fit enough for three of us.

Tune Hotel LCCT Airport 06
#7: The clean ensuite bathroom

Basically, the toilet was very clean and even I had a great time taking shower with the hot water and high water pressure. Besides that, hairdryer, tissue roll and a small hand tower are included in the toilet without any additional surcharge.

Tune Hotel LCCT Airport 08
#8: Towels and toiletries kit that includes in the package we paid - The towel and the black tote bag need to return back upon check-out but we can bring back the toiletries kit.

Tune Hotel LCCT Airport 09
#9: Two hooks with hangers on the wall right under the air-conditioner

Tune Hotel LCCT Airport 10
#10: Tune Hotel - Will you choose to stay?

Unless I don't have other alternatives, definitely Tune Hotel will not be one of my best option to stay. Tune Hotel is indeed a no-frills hotel that only focus on basic essentials such as comfortable beds, power showers, ceiling fan with no TV in each and every room. So don't expect to find those facilities such as swimming pool, gyms, spas and room service. Just like its airline sister company, if you want additional services such as WiFi connection and air-conditioner, then you need to pay extra.


  1. is like that geh loh for Tune Hotel package, just like air asia~ every extra thing need pay for extra~ XD

  2. " Need to pay extra.. " :D
    but if for only a night to rest it should be fine.. tak jauh pun dari airport..

  3. Nice review of Tune Hotel, Diana. It was very detailed. I love how you take pictures of the wash room. It's the first place I always check when I am going to stay in hotels. :)

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  4. I thought guests would have to pay for the toilet rolls too, haha ;-)

  5. I don't think I've stayed in any airport hotel before. This looks neat & clean!

  6. wahhh..RM150 for a night is not cheap at wifi, no TV etc...if there's another hotel there i won't be staying there lor..might just overnight in the airport..hehhehhe

    1. I agree with you. RM150 is indeed kinda expensive for budget traveller like me. Therefore, if not cause sharing with friends, I'm definitely won't stay here and rather overnight in the airport.

  7. definitely not cheap for a small room like this, I always thought Tune Hotel's charge cheaper than others more proper hotel =.="

    1. I also thought it was very cheap cause they claimed "5-star sleeping experience at a 1-star price" accommodation. It's kinda misleading.

    2. that price is at least 3 star hotel price leh..haha..1 star price should be the old penang guesthouse price..

  8. This tiny hotel and bathroom look like many hotels in Japan with 4 stars! This airlines has become so calculative to charge the seats to be together and soon we might have to prebook the toilets too. Muahahahaha

  9. stay once before only. and i dont think i will go again unless last minute cant find any hotel. haha


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