Saturday, September 28, 2013

Old Penang Guesthouse

Another lodging review again!

During our visit to George Town, the capital of the Pearl of the Orient, Penang state, one of my best friends recommended to stay in this heritage guesthouse that combines the charm of Penang's yesteryears but equipped with modern amenities by the name of Old Penang Guesthouse. Strategically located in the heart of the oldest part of George Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this guesthouse is a beautifully restored pre-war building and until now, it still retains much of its old world charm.

Old Penang Guesthouse
#1: An elegant colonial looking guesthouse with the heritage touch

Upon checking, we're being served by an exceptionally friendly and welcoming Indian lady who turns out know how to speak Hokkien fluently Not just that, she is so helpful by giving us map and information of getting around Penang and nearby area. The check-in procedures was fast and hassle-free.

Old Penang Guesthouse - Bedroom
#2: Our triple room that located on the first floor

The room that we booked comes with one single bed and one queen bed is equipped with air-conditioned, free WiFi connection and fitted with authentic antique bedside lamps, long mirror and decorated with picture by the renowned local artist. It was clean, spacious and our luggage and backpacks perfectly fit into this room. Each of us were even given free towel and there is a towel hanger inside the room for us to hang it.

Old Penang Guesthouse - Toilet
#2: Not every room is attached with bathroom and the room we booked, we need to share the bathrooms with others. But no worries cause the shower rooms and toilets were so clean that my friends and I had no problem of using it. We even enjoyed the powerful hot water shower.

Old Penang Guesthouse - Open Area
#3: A spacious and airy lounge area in the center for the guest to relax, read books and surf net.

Old Penang Guesthouse - Sitting Area
#4: Another sitting area with a black and white old charming painting decorated the wall

Old Penang Guesthouse - Breakfast
#5: Free breakfast with toast, jam, coffee and tea starts from 8am until 12pm.

Old Penang Guesthouse - Rent A Bike
#6: If you're lazy to walk around, you can rent a bike for RM15 per day.

DSC09543 Penang
#7: Situated on a quaintly street by the named of Love Lane and convenience store like 7-Eleven is just few steps away. There are even quite number of steel sculptures nearby this area. 

According to my friend, Love Lane got its name as it is widely believed that these men kept their mistresses along these street. But now, many shophouses were turned into cheap hotels and gueshouses, making this internationally very popular among backpackers. 

For just as low as RM35 per night for each of us, this guesthouse is one of the best guesthouse I ever stayed - clean, cheap, convenient, comfortable. I don't mind to come back to stay in this guesthouse again in case I would return to Penang again someday. One of the highly recommended guesthouse in Penang especially for those backpackers.

For more information and the rate of this guesthouse, do check out their website - Old Penang Guesthouse.


  1. Love the cozy corner for coffee..


  2. i should go this place last time.. really want to see this art street :D

  3. Hi Diana,

    what brand of camera u use...nice pics...

    1. Thanks for the compliment, Cik-Anne. I am using Sony NEX 5N for this post.

  4. Thanks for tge information. Looks good. Much better n economical that hotel

  5. I don't usually stay overnight when in George Town but I do think the guesthouse is amazing and beautiful..

  6. wahh..really not bad leh~rm35 is totally good i love the lounge area..maybe i should try stay there for a night...haha...weird penang lang...

  7. RM35 / night only? You must be kidding me!

  8. that looks like you had a wonderful time. I love the painting in the bathroom! and that mural is priceless!

  9. I know this guesthouse! Beside Red Inn right? Haha. Went to Penang last year for the run and stayed at Red Inn. Didn't know that Old Penang Guesthouse is such a beauty! :D

    1. Yes, you're right! Initially plan to stay in Red Inn but it was fully booked so my friends and I stayed in this guesthouse. You can opt to stay here next time ;)

    2. Maybe for this year's run then! Haha. ;D

  10. My school is just beside this guesthouse. I studied at St Xavier's Institution for 11 years and passed Love Lane everyday. Those years that street was dirty and messy with lots of drug addicts hanging out. Nowadays with the new LGE govt, they have tidied up all the streets and brightened up the dark areas until Ah Kuas start walking happily at Love Lane safely at night!!! LOL


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