Friday, September 6, 2013

Foodie Friday: Foods Around Ho Chi Minh City

Travelling Period: 1st April - 7th April 2012

Whenever I travel abroad, I will not purposely go and hunt for those famous eateries or restaurant of that particular places or cities cause I believe everyone has different preference and taste. What might be best for others but may not suits my liking. Plus, some of those highly recommended seems to be overrated and taste so-so only. What worse was most of those recommended restaurants or eateries only filled with foreign tourist, not the local. One of the travel tips that I came across is discover where the locals eat. Therefore when we were in Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC), most of the restaurants or eateries we visited were patronized by the local.

Foods in Ho Chi Minh City 01-1
#1:Cơm Tấm Cali. This small little restaurant located not far away from our hotel and the plus point, it comes with free WiFi connection. The staffs spoke very little English but no worry, there is English translation in their menu.

Foods in Ho Chi Minh City 01
#2: Bun Cha Ca Nuoc (Noodle soup with fish paste) - This bowl of noodle is so flavourful with the mixed of tender and soft fish paste.

Foods in Ho Chi Minh City 02-1
#3: Nhà Hàng Ngon - One and only grand and fancy restaurant we visited when in HCMC. This two floors open-aired restaurant is recommended in Lonely Planet and almost all the seats occupied by both locals and foreign tourists.

When we browsed through the menu, it was filled with wide selection of foods but then, it was kinda pricey for budget travellers like us. However, it worth every value we paid where not just that we can enjoy the authentic Vietnamese food but the buzzing and delightful atmosphere as well. These were what we ordered from Nhà Hàng Ngon:

Foods in Ho Chi Minh City 02
#4: "Ngon" special fried rice

Foods in Ho Chi Minh City 03
#5: Salad roll with shrimp and pork

Foods in Ho Chi Minh City 04
#6: Steamed banana cake with coconut milk

Foods in Ho Chi Minh City 05
#7: Grilled pork

Foods in Ho Chi Minh City 05-1
#8: Pork porridge

Foods in Ho Chi Minh City 06-1
#9: And on the other night, we decided to have our dinner at the open air stall outside the Ben Thanh Market

Foods in Ho Chi Minh City 06
#10: Crunchy fried spring roll

Foods in Ho Chi Minh City 07
#11: Fried rice

Foods in Ho Chi Minh City 08
#12: Scrumptious sweet and sour pork

Last but not least, when in one's country, experience like the local. A visit to HCMC wouldn't be complete without experience Vietnamese local and Asia-Europe fusion foods on the sidewalk of a busy street. This is the real culture of Vietnamese people do everyday - eat streetfoods. 

Foods in Ho Chi Minh City 09-1
#13: This is how food vendors prepared the foods on the sidewalks

Foods in Ho Chi Minh City 09
#14: Crispy rice paper mixed pork

Foods in Ho Chi Minh City 10
#15: Fried bun - crispy on the outside, delicious on the inside

Foods in Ho Chi Minh City 11
#16:Crystal clear spring roll with mixed pork and veggies - This one taste kinda weird. Not recommended.

Foods in Ho Chi Minh City 12
#17: One of Vietnam's famous cuisines - Pho

Foods in Ho Chi Minh City 13
#18: How can you miss a cup of coffee when in Vietnam? It's a sin if you missed out.

Although I didn't get the chance to try baguette in HCMC but luckily I got to try in other Indo-China countries like Cambodia and Laos. As for exotic foods, I try my best to avoid cause I have a weak stomach to absorb those foods. And I was being asked whether did I try dog meats, hell no I will have those cause I am dog lover. Don't you think it is so cruel to eat dog and cat meats?

P/S: This is another scheduled post cause I'm currently away for another short weekend getaway. It's Cuti-Cuti Malaysia! 

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  1. look delish! especially that steamed banana. i hope i can find halal food when im coming there..hehe

  2. Unlike you, I usually ask for recommendation on places to eat before I travel! But seems like you managed to find some great restaurants! Tried some of the restaurants you mentioned. Love Vietnamese food!

  3. Bun Cha Ca Nuoc (Noodle soup with fish paste) , is it the same taste as Malaysia's fish head noodle?

  4. How fun! My son's in Bangkok with his friends now for vacation. When he's back, he'll be returning to Vietnam again for his school project. Will have him check out your post :) Happy weekend, sweetie!

  5. That crispy rice paper with pork looks so, so good!

  6. I like Vietnamese food as they tend to be quite healthy (with many greens added and not too greasy)

  7. No matter Vietname, Thailand or Malaysia, the fried rice will looks almost the same eh.. :P


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