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Ho Chi Minh City Hall, Saigon Opera House & Goodbye Ho Chi Minh City

Date of Visit: 7th April 2012

Just like any other of my trips, there will always a time where it's hard for me to bid goodbye. Sames goes to my Ho Chi Minh City trip. The people and their culture, the local foods and also their amazing and spectacular architecture were among what I admired the most.

Since our flight back to Kuala Lumpur was 4.20 pm local time, hence we still got plenty of spare time to wander around the city. As usual my friends will do their last minute shopping in Ben Thanh Market where they bought few packets of lotus seeds. We noticed that there are many of Ho Chi Minh City's famous landmarks that could go and take a few shots before leaving this bustling city.

Day 7 - Ho Chi Minh City Hall 01
#1: A statue of Ho Chi Minh in front of Ho Chi Minh City Hall

One of the famous landmarks is Ho Chi Minh City Hall. It was built in a French colonial style and it was renamed as Ho Chi Minh City People's Committee afterward. Unfortunately, the building is not opened to the public or for tourists. Therefore, we could only took few shots outside the building. Some recommended to come at night and you will get amazing nightshot.

Day 7 - Ho Chi Minh City Hall 02
#2: The overview of Ho Chi Minh City Hall

Day 7 - Saigon Opera House 01
#3: Saigon Opera House

Located not far away from Ho Chi Minh City Hall is the standing grand and elegant Municipal Theatre of Ho Chi Minh City, which also known as Saigon Opera House. It is an opera house for the city and this is another example of French colonial architecture in Vietnam. It has beautiful and stunning carvings on the building. Too bad it was closed and we're not allowed to enter to see the interior design of this well-preserved building.

Day 7 - Louis Vuitton Building
#4:Louis Vuitton in the middle of the city

I just can't held myself from keep taking photos around the city. Almost all the buildings architecture never failed to amaze me and even in some point, I thought myself was somewhere around in Europe until the scorching hot weather awake me. Ho Chi Minh City was really hot but we could still bear with that kind of weather just like how we experienced back in Malaysia.

Day 7 - Hotel Continental Saigon
#5: One of the most impressive hotels in the city - Hotel Continental Saigon

Day 7
#6: Tran Hung Dao - Vietnamese military leader

As we walked further, we came across a standing tall Tran Hung Dao statue. He is known as the legendary in Vietnamese history, a brilliant military strategist who defeated two Mongol invasions and became a cultural hero among modern Vietnamese. While on our way back to the hotel, we spotted this skyscraper as the photo below:

Day 7 - Bitexco Financial Tower
#7: Bitexco Financial Tower - Ho Chi Minh City's tallest building. But don't you think it looks alike Malaysia's Kuala Lumpur TM Tower?

Day 7 - Saigon Tourist Plaza
#8: Saigon Tourist, for more of the travel information and also service center

Around 2.30pm local time, we requested the hotel to book the taxi for us to the airport. Like I mentioned before in one of my previous post, either you request from the hotel or you take taxi on your own, always remember to take the MaiLinh or Vinasun, the most reliable taxis in the city, or else you will being ripped off badly. And remember as well, do not open your purse/wallet widely for the driver to notice cause he will try his best to request for more. The journey from District 1 to airport took roughly less than half an hour and it cost USD$10. This is the normal rate from what I research and in case, the driver requested for more, instantly switch to other taxi.

Day 7 - Saigon International Airport
#9: Tan Son Nhat International Airport is so huge, not like what I expected

Regardless whether have any luggage to check-in or not, it is compulsory to queue up for documents verification, eventhough we have printed out our boarding pass earlier. This is because for purpose of exchange for the typical boarding pass instead of using the AirAsia printed boarding pass when going through the immigration verification. And for your information, they were very strict too on the hand carry. Do not carry more than 7kg, or else you have to check-in your bag or luggage and bear the extra expensive cost.

Day 7 - AirAsia Boarding Pass
#10: My boarding pass and my cute passport holder. I always love and keep all my boarding pass as collection. Check out my boarding pass collection in Instagram - click here.

Day 7 - Vietnam Airlines
#11: No, I'm not flying with Vietnam Airlines but I hope someday I got the chance to experience this.

And that's the end of my 7 days and 6 nights Ho Chi Minh City travelogue. I would love to go back again someday but for more outskirt area such as Dalat, Hue and Hoi An. And if you ask me would I recommend anyone to Ho Chi Minh City, I would definitely say YES! Seriously, I am pretty enjoying myself at there - lay back, no rush and relax throughout my trip.

By the way, Happy 56th Independence Day to Malaysia and 50th Independence Day to Sabah! Merdeka!

[Credit To: Encyclopedia Britannica]


  1. Tran Hung Dao - Pernah terbaca his story.. almost forget that he is not from china.. kan??? :P

    by the way.. happy merdeka day..!!

  2. All your photos are lovely with the historical buildings. They are so full of characters and I love them. That building really looks like the KL's TM Tower. Who copied who??

  3. I went to all these places and had a great time too.

  4. Hue and Hoi An are lovely! Think you will like them!

  5. Nice place, I will surely enjoy traveling there if I had a chance. Thanks for sharing.

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