Thursday, December 20, 2012

Indonesia Day 2: First Day in Bandung (Part 2)

Date of Visited: 21st December 2011

Continue from Part I: Leaving Jakarta to Bandung

Upon arrived Bandung, it rained cats and dogs. It is one of the most annoying things when comes to travelling.
Day 2 - Bandung 01

Hence, my mom suggested to have lunch before taking taxi to our hotel and we spotted this small little Japanese bento shop located right at the exit of the train station which known as Hokka Hokka.
Day 2 - Bandung 02
Both mommy and I ordered and shared a set which consists a bowl of rice, fried chicken nuggets, fried fish cake, grilled chicken, salad and a coke that cost IDR57,000 (roughly around RM20). We tried to wait but looks like the weather wasn't on our side. Without waiting any longer, got no choice but immediately take the taxi to our hotel.

Day 2 - Bandung 03
This is the hotel we were staying for 2 nights when we're in Bandung - Sensa Hotel. It is indeed one the highly recommended not just by me, but also my mom who truly fall in love with this hotel. Will blog about this in the upcoming post.

Bandung Trip 2011 02
Even the location is absolutely superb. It located in the center of Cihampelas Street, where we pampered ourselves with cheap shopping. Most of the items sold here were jeans cause this is the place known to be jeans centre. I noticed the jeans were super cheap and you can even request to alter for free. Not just that, Cihampelas Street is different from other streets in Bandung in terms where you can see many superheroes huge statues which are amazingly standing on the top of the buildings such as Superman, Spiderman and more.

Day 2 - Bandung 04
Almost the whole rows of Cihampelas Street filled with garments. 

Day 2 - Bandung 05
Besides Cihampelas Street, Ciwalk or fully known as Cihampelas Walk Shopping Mall is located just right beside the hotel. It seems to be newly opened shopping mall with many unique and amazing shops.

Day 2 - Bandung 06
Before we went back to the hotel after spending almost 2 hours of shopping, we settled down by having dinner. We had a set of Teriyaki Chicken Noddle and fresh Strawberry Juice but turns out the teriyaki chicken noodle taste awful. Luckily there is a convenient store in the Ciwalk, so we went and bought few foods.

Day 2 - Bandung 07
And what did I bought on my first day in Bandung? A Smurf T-shirt which cost RM17 (consider quite cheap) and a set of fridge magnet for collection.

NOTE: Kinda quite rush for this post cause I am currently travelling for my final trip for the year. An overland trip to 3 different cities in a week.


  1. I agree with you, raining is annoying when travelling. All your plans are either postponed or cancelled due to rain. That's why I don't like rain when travelling.

  2. I was moody most of the time in Bandung. Heavy downpour + traffic jammed was such a great disaster. Ya Bandung is heaven for those are kaki shopping..:)the hotel looks "mahal". :) We stayed at Sukajadi hotel Bandung last time. A good hotel and i loved the bfast very much.

  3. Gosh, I haven't been to Bandung for ages! Can't wait to see more pix. Happy holidays, sweetie! xoxo

  4. The views are awesome, I definitely like tracking all over the earth so much that is why I find travel agents that was acquiring a awesome encounter in way of way of lifestyle that will not take a while on my vacation with my loved ones members affiliates associates co-workers .

  5. I hate it when it rains during travelling too! OMG That smurf tshirt is so cute and full of love love :P

  6. yeah, the most joykiller while traveling is raining! hmmm...but u did have fun right? :)


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