Monday, July 9, 2012

MyeongDong After The Dark

I posted about Myeong-Dong, the infamous shopping street in my previous post before (click here) but have you imagine how it looks like when the sun decides to take a break and the moon takes turn? 

So, after spending almost half of our day visited the love and romantic island, Nami Island, we're heading back to Myeong-Dong. Initially, we decided to visit N Seoul Tower but seems that all of us are so tired and exhausted, hence without thinking too much, heading back to Myeong-Dong is our next alternatives in order to hunt for our dinner. 

Once we stepped out from the subway station, I was so surprised and shocked whether are we reach the exact location? How come the Myeong-Dong I used to know has become another night street markets where a group of street vendors came out from nowhere and setup in the alleys and walkways between the buildings? All I ever heard about Myeong-Dong was it is famous for countless of fashion beauty and cosmetic outlet and crowded with numerous of restaurants, cafes, coffee shops and night clubs too but never came across where it will be more happening and bustling during the night time. I just can't explain why but I am deeply in love with street markets. Love to see the different kind of street foods and assorted products selling in the night market which sometimes I couldn't find in the shopping mall.

Myeongdong After Dark 01
Cheap and trending garments are everywhere. Some allow to bargain, some not. 

Myeongdong After Dark 02
Plenty of handphone accessories especially the casing.

Myeongdong After Dark 03
For super huge fans of K-pop, I guess you will be insane when seeing this. Thank goodness I'm not.

Myeongdong After Dark 04
Even counterfeit products would not to be miss out in night market of Myeong-Dong.

Myeongdong After Dark 05
Boxers and towels of the high ends brand. Anyone interested with this especially the guys?

Myeongdong After Dark 06
Love the colourful and vibrant neon light during the night time

Myeongdong After Dark 07
Things Must Do When Travelling: Eat McD. Had tried different kind of McD in more 10 countries.

Myeongdong After Dark 08
My haul bought from Myeong-Dong. If you love accessories such as necklace, bracelet, ring, hair clip and more, Myeong-Dong has many kinds of varieties.

Seriously, spending just a night to venture around night market around Myeong-Dong is never enough for me. I went again with my friends on the next day - to buy more and eat more. 


  1. wow so many things to buy...
    I don't like our petaling street.. too many foreigners seller (Banladesh, Myanmar & etc)

  2. ho ho ho.. I see some mask I've used the other day.. :p.. lawa la.. :).. Like our own pasar malam sana sinsuran ja tu Dee.. :p

  3. You sure buy alot!
    If I'm there, I think I'll only buy key chains or fridge magnets :P

  4. borong buy must buy :)

  5. hi d,

    I stayed just in front of Myeongdong shopping street when i was in korea last time. It was so so so awesome. My god. Everynight kot I keluar shopping! Uniqlo and SPAO depan mata je. Hehe.. And i love to shop the smartphone casing! Murah okeh. And the tops... and tried the pizza there. hahaha and coffee too! and apa lagi eh... I love Myeongdong the most! and, yes the skin care! hahahahaha... suka gila! i masuk each shop kat sana and beli something. Coz i love the paper bags.. and all the korean celebrities punya merchandise. kekeke.. i miss korea... so much! will go again jan next year!

  6. ar! what a nice place to shop!! love love love! :)

  7. I would like to know when exactly was this? Did u go to korea at the first week of september? It looks pretty hot from the photos. I am planning a trip to korea this year. But my holidays are only from end of july till starting of september. But I don't wanna go to Korea during summer when its all hot and sticky. Would like to find out more about their september weather. Please help :)

    1. Hi Mvonne! Yes, I went Korea at the first week of September and you're right, it's pretty hot although it being claimed to be autumn season. If you dislike the hot and sticky weather, I would recommended go in end of October. It might be cold but you will love the scenery especially with the red, orange and yellow leaves.


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