Saturday, February 4, 2012

Sharing Saturday: Aerial View of Kota Kinabalu

Everytime when I'm about to boarding, unless going to Kuala Lumpur (since I'd been there many times) the first thing I will do is definitely to request for window seat, or I will pick a window seat through online booking. I love to stare the aerial view from hundred feet above the sea. Maybe due to my deep love towards blue colours, hence I love to view the clear blue sky with the puffy clouds too.

Aerial View of Kota Kinabalu 01

Among all the places I came across within Malaysia, proudly to say Kota Kinabalu has the awesone aerial view compare the others. I'm kid not! If compare the other places, mostly you will get aerial view of a vast of oil palm plantation, a bustling looking cities but none of these can be compared with the gorgeous and awesome sea view of Kota Kinabalu city.

Aerial View of Kota Kinabalu 02
Aerial View of Kota Kinabalu 03

Aerial View of Kota Kinabalu 04

You can even witness some of the beautiful underwater island. I always recommended my friends to book the flight on noon time when visiting KK and trust me, you won't feel regret for doing so.

On some random day, on my way back to Kuala Lumpur, I was given a window seat by Firefly Airline last August. (Firefly had terminated their route from Kuala Lumpur to Kota Kinabalu and Kuching lately). And as usual, I took out my camera to snapshot the aerial view of my beloved city. Without realise it, one of the photos really stumbled me for few minutes.

Aerial View of Kota Kinabalu 05
This is exactly what I took from my camera. No edited, no changes made at all.

I can't believe from my naked eyes when seeing this photo. It likes telling me, "Smile and the world will smile to you". Do take note too on the left-hand side of the look-like-face-island, you'll get to see a love shape. See! I told you that Kota Kinabalu has the most beautiful aerial view among the others. wink


  1. KK is amazing! :) i love the smiling face on the last picture the most. it looks so original

    P/S: IN reply to your comment, yours is a pretty good question, I'm trying hard to go on diet after each and every time i eat ><

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  2. lucky u. :) I never come across that smiley face. :)

    p/s : Thanks for making that effort to drop by to comment on my new header. :)

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  3. ok.. when i visit KK, you must take me around :)

  4. awesome picts.. what camera did you used?

  5. smile and the world will smile to you! nice one! haha yup! KK really got the nicest view of all! like the chinese saying.. got mountain got sea~~~ hahaha

  6. wow nice pics! I regret tat I didn't sit next to the window on my trip to KK :(

  7. smiley face island .. Super nice..
    take more nice pics .....
    KK is always full of wonders....

  8. wow the seascape is so much better compare to Penang's seascape..

  9. gorgeous. will note the tip to fly in during the noon. thanx!

  10. to your reply in my blog: Happy Chap Goh Meh to you! Yea I am still in Japan..will be back to Penang by April...and gonna visit Denmark, Sweden and Latvia next week :D wheee

  11. OMG, your aerial shot of sutera harbour paling gorgeous.

    And, the smiley face is a winner too!

  12. Great photography skills! Diane, you've captured the shots well :)

  13. ini juga la yang paling hebat.. Smile.. ^_^..v.

  14. Proud to be Borneo's...agreed with you the view simply awesome and amazing. I do hope I manage to capture a wonderful view during my trip to KK next week :-)

  15. Yes, totally agree that KK has the best aerial view compared to all other cities in Malaysia. One can see KK coastline as well as islands especially illegal settlements at Gaya Island.


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