Thursday, June 9, 2011

My Loves On D

I fall in love with D since I was a little girl. The first time I saw D was during my 20 days of Europe Trip in Paris. I can't explain why I fall for D but I know that my love on D is getting more deeper after the moment I had in Paris. From that onwards, I keep telling myself no matters how far is D, I will try my best to visit D.

OK! Cut the crap. Actually D refer to Disneyland. I think I like D because my name also start with D. I do love animals start with D too such as dog and dolphin except for dinosaur.

Thanks to the founder and creator, Mr. Walt Disney for create such an incredible, fun and amazing amusement and theme park around the globe. Besides that, I also do love with his world's most well-known fictional character, Mickey Mouse.


Walt Disney with Mickey Mouse behind me!

Before this, I thought the first Disneyland Parks that I will visit was Hong Kong Disneyland but turns out, Disneyland Resort Paris was the first one that I visited.

Disneyland Paris comprises of two theme parks; Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park. Visiting Disneyland Paris was not in the package during the tour around Europe but I urged my friend that we should visit it no matter how. Here goes my first step on D in Year 2008!

disneyland paris 01
Disneyland Park where you can feel the fairy tales.

disneyland paris 02
Walt Disney Studios Park filled with thrilling attractions and spectacular shows.

After the attempt to visit Hong Kong Disneyland failed for 2 times, finally I made it. Visiting Hong Kong Disneyland last year reminds me of Disneyland Paris but the differences was Hong Kong Disneyland is very small. Just take half of your day visit it and you manage to visit all unless you are going there on weekend or public holidays.

disneyland hong kong
Even you can take photo with Disney's favourite icon without waiting for the long queue.

A month after Hong Kong Disneyland, I never thought of visiting Asia's first ever Disney Park. There are two types of theme parks - Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo Disneysea. As the time of visiting Japan is so limit, we need to sacrifice one of theme park and we sacrified on Tokyo Disneyland as I think most of the Disneylands are the same. Therefore, both of us opt for Tokyo Disneysea.

disneyland tokyo
Tokyo Disneysea - Coming up on the next post.

There are two more Disneyland Parks which located in USA. I wonder when will I able to fly to there to enjoy the non-stop excitement and thriller like a little kid. Hopefully one day!


  1. Damn GooD!! ^_^.v.. Disneyland.. LAst Time My Fren Went there,and I was astonished with the wax sculpture.. Deng... Oh,how I wish I could be there.. LoL.. BTW,Ur Pix was awesome.. ^_^.v.. Can't wait your next post..

  2. i've only been to one.. haha.. think enough la.. im too big for disneyland edy :P

  3. Hi Diana, blog walking here.
    I've been to Paris Disneyland too. Such a huge it. Wish i could visit HK Disneyland one day.

    Woww bestlah u've been to so many countries. We got the same interest dear.

    Ypur photos cantik dan very clear...

  4. Hehe. I don't know why but I've never been interested in going to Disney, not then , not now. I even skipped it when I went to Paris. May be I need to force myself to it a little. Who knows may be I'll then get interested? :-D

  5. Aki - ^_^. I try to sort out and edit the pic first before start to post. Thanks for the wait

    ken - Aiyo! There is no differences of young and old in Disneyland.

  6. Leez - Yeah! Great to share the same interest with each other. Thanks for the compliment on my photos.

    Jipp - Haha. You should go and try at least one.


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