Friday, June 10, 2011

Lauching of "Travel & Living Journal of DT"

After had done research and considering for so long, finally I had made up my mind to change my blog title "again" and also my post header picture.

Say goodbye to my previos longest blog title;

"DT in Da House - Piscean gal who blogs about travel, foods and life."

dt in da house copy

And welcoming the new blog title together with the new post header pic;

"Travel & Living Journal of DT"

IMG_1997 - Copy copy

So, what do you think of my new header post especially on the pic? Nice, just OK OK or lousy? Just leave comments no matter what do you think in order for me to learn and improve in future. Thanks folks!


  1. hey Diana! nice new header post...very consistent with your travelling life! :)

  2. Lawa la.. Mantap2.. Hebat2.. Sa suka.. ba,mana yang Japan Undersea Trip?? :-p.. Atau sa sudah miss ni??

  3. Michelle - Thanks dear :). I was non-stop doing research to match my current bloglife.

    Aki - Nasib baik kau suka sebab kau punya skill klu bab2 edit post header lagi mantap dari saya. No worries. Not yet post up the Japan Undersea Trip because too many photos to choose from. Once I post, I will inform u :)

  4. hi Diana, hhmm..nice...i like it.

  5. Meitzeu & Dorris Angel - Thank you. Glad that both of you like it. :) Terima kasih banyak-banyak.

  6. Congrats on the new look!

    This header is so much better... I can see the places you've been before. And it's not lousy ok. But it would be nice if you put your face somewhere in there LOL. But, this one is actually just nice... ;)

  7. Very nice! Looks very sophisticated and professional :D
    Btw, I have followed ur blog, hope you dont mind :)


  8. Armstrong - Thanks for the great suggestion. I will take note of this when rechange the pic again.

    aikoakito - Sure I don't mind to have more followers. I am overwhelming that you follow my blog. Thanks for the compliment :)

  9. I like the new header! Simple and more mature :)

  10. Traveller's Anatomy - Thank you thank you. This is the header I had been waiting for.

  11. looks more of a professional travel header than the previous :) -definy

  12. nice.. especially with the 'stamp' on the photos :)

  13. Cherrylynnie - Hi Definy, my high schoolmate. Previous one just simply do. Thanks for drop by.

    ken - Thank you for liking the stamp. When I plan to design this header, this stamp I already in my plan :)


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