Monday, September 15, 2008

Time to Say Goodbye

Less than 3 days I'm about to leave Charlotte Court, leave Sheffield and most probably gonna leave my room.. I'm going to Europe for 20 days and I think will not be around to post anything at that moment. The most important thing is I'm going back to Malaysia.. I can't wait for this days. From my expression, you will realize that I'm really really really miss Malaysia. Yes, you're right! I think I not suit to study overseas but I'm proud that I able to fulfill my mom wish as she really hopes her daughter and son will able to further studies overseas. Anyway, I really enjoy my life over here although there are some bad memories left behind. Neh!! Let's forget bout that things as there still many sweet and wonderful things wait for me..

Exam is around the corner...*Ooopss* Exam is tomorrow. I'm almost finish with my revision but feels like no confident. Worry? Scare? Nervous? I don't feel so..Kind weird as everytime exam I will damn nervous.. Maybe my mind keep thinking "goin back, goin back" Hahahaha...

Best of luck to all my SHU friends and not forget to all my TARCian friends back in Malaysia for exams!!


  1. i oso mis malaysia..but i sad 2 leave UK.
    complicated feling..

  2. WHY WHY WHY !!! WHY ARE YOU SO WEIRD !!!! hahah i will never leave here if i am allowed to :P


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