Monday, June 16, 2008

Sheffield Hallam University and Its City

Yup, that is the name of the University that all of us will enroll next week. Really can't wait for that moment. Can't wait to see our first "mat salleh" lecturers and tutors. Don't talk about the study first. Better enjoy while still can.

Not many people know about this little city by the name of Sheffield. Neither do I. Before I come here, most of my friends and relatives will likely ask which part of United Kingdom that I will heading to and I told them that I will going to Sheffield. They will like "Sheffield???".. All I can said is nearby Manchester. And they will like "Ooooohhh! Near Manchester!!". It was quite funny when I saw most of their response. Where is Sheffield located by the way? Well, it is almost nearby Manchester but the journey took one and half hour. Can it consider nearby? Hahahaha....

Sheffield can be consider a quiet and peace city. It is such a lovely city where you can see most of the oldfolks holding their hands together? Ooooh..What an adorable couple? Will me and my other half be in that situation when we are old? I wonder...

Ok, let me go into the important part. A day after we reach Sheffield, our senior resident bought us for city tour and introduce some of the places in Sheffield. He also told us the way to our university. Holy gosh! The distance from our hostel to university took us almost half hour. No bus provided. All we need to do is walking. I guess should be not a big deal for me cause I used to it as I walked from TAR college to Wangsa Maju before.
The pathway that we use to the university almost everyday
Moor Street. Here, you can find many shops that sell each item for only just 1 pound

Architecture of Sheffield City is really impressive and eye-opening to us.

The Yorkshire Bank

The peace garden. No wonder Sheffield is so peace.

Not forgeting to take a snap of the university. Sheffield has 2 different universities; Sheffield Hallam University and University of Sheffield. Most people confuse about these 2 universities including my parents.
Sheffield Hallam University behind me

The garden in front of our university, where you can lay down and enjoy your reading

Sheffield Railway Station. The railway to Meadowhall, one and only shopping centre in Sheffield, London, Leeds, Yorks and lots more..

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