Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Central Vietnam (2018): Ba Na Hills French Village

This place has gone viral on the net and it would be a sin for me if I didn't include this place into my itinerary.  

Ba Na Hills is the one of the most popular and top attractions in Da Nang. However, it is not located within the city center. In order to reach this place, one should either sign for a day tour or you could take Grab just like what we did (if there are 3-4 of you). The journey from our hotel (which located facing the Han River) to Ba Na Hills takes approximately 45 to 50 minutes, depending on the traffic conditions. As for the fare, it cost roughly around VND 280,000 to VND300,000 per trip.

2018 Vietnam Ba Na Hills 01

The Grab driver dropped us at the foot of the hills, this is where the cable car begin. This is also where the ticket booth is located, in order for you to purchase the entrance ticket which including the cable car ride as well. 

  • Adult: VND 650,000
  • Children (1m - 1.3m): VND 550,000 
  • Children (under 1m in height): Free of charge 

On the day we arrived there, we're blessed with an unbelievable beautiful clear blue sky - that's make all of our photos look stunning and mesmerising. Although it's a sunny day but the weather is kinda chill and breeze which I was quite enjoyed this kind of weather - not too hot and not too cold. 

2018 Vietnam Ba Na Hills 02

2018 Vietnam Ba Na Hills 03

2018 Vietnam Ba Na Hills 04

2018 Vietnam Ba Na Hills 21

2018 Vietnam Ba Na Hills 05
#6: Ba Na Cable Car holds Guinness World Record for the longest non stop single track cable car at 5,801 metres in length. 

2018 Vietnam Ba Na Hills 05-1

There are two stations you can get off - D'amour Garden which is the first stop and then continue to French Village after that. We skipped the first one cause we thought of beating the crowd as we saw tons and tons of tourist buses flooding in at the foot of the hills. Unfortunately for us as we didn't have sufficient of time to visit D'amour Garden which is well-known for abundant of beautiful gardens manicured with colourful and vibrant fresh flowers. 

After another short ride up to the peak, finally we arrived in the magical French Village. The moment we stepped out from the cable car, we're getting more excited, thrilled and can't wait to explore more of this unique and classical architectural work of ancient French villages.

To cut the long story short, I think it's best to share the photos I took instead of describing in words cause obviously, I'm bad at that. So now, shall we enjoy the photos?

2018 Vietnam Ba Na Hills 06

2018 Vietnam Ba Na Hills 07

2018 Vietnam Ba Na Hills 08

2018 Vietnam Ba Na Hills 20

2018 Vietnam Ba Na Hills 09

2018 Vietnam Ba Na Hills 10

2018 Vietnam Ba Na Hills 11

2018 Vietnam Ba Na Hills 13

2018 Vietnam Ba Na Hills 14

2018 Vietnam Ba Na Hills 15

There are several options of restaurants and cafes within this mountaintop resort which you can take into considerations for lunch and snack meals. My friends and my mom didn't feel like want to have something which is heavy, we ended up having sweet delights of cakes paired with coffees and hot chocolates.  

2018 Vietnam Ba Na Hills 16

In case you are feeling super hungry and wanna satisfy your hungry tummy, perhaps you could consider to have buffet with traditional tastes of Vietnam's three regions with over 68 dishes in Buffet Club Restaurant that cost VND 180,000 per pax (approx. to RM32).

2018 Vietnam Ba Na Hills 17

2018 Vietnam Ba Na Hills 18

Without we realised, we had literally spent almost whole day in this gorgeous and spectacular mountaintop resort complex. Hence, it is advisable to spare a day here, instead of spending half day only cause there are many things to do, see and play. Yes, I mean it when I say there are plenty of things to play cause we were underrated this place eventually. Without we realise, there are lots of other attractions besides the French Village itself; such as Wax Statue Museum and Fantasy Park.

2018 Vietnam Ba Na Hills 20 Fantasy Park
#22: Drop Tower, the wildest tower in Fantasy Park

2018 Vietnam Ba Na Hills 19-1
#23: I'm glad that not just my friends but even my mom enjoy visiting this place.

The first ride of cable car ascend to the peak is at 7.30am. Hence, it is wise to come early to beat the crowd. As for the last ride from Ba Na Hills down to the foot of the hills is at 8.45pm.


  1. Photo #4 <3 <3 <3 and those architecture. Love. Believe it or not, I never been to Vietnam yet, would wanna plan a trip soon. Maybe after am done with September race. But the photos are beautiful :) super love.

    My heart just dropped looking at that Drop Tower, but I would try it once. You know the UK funfair thing we have here in Likas, I tried one of the rides and went, never again hahahah. Scary oh.

  2. I am truly impressed with the fabulous photos. The whole place looked like in Southern France as seen on TV. Thanks for sharing the details on getting there.

  3. Thanks for sharing this information with us. It's very helpful for us.

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  4. Ooooh...
    do you think there are enough things to do and play if stay overnight?

    1. Most of the shops close early and therefore, I choose to spend my nights in Da Nang city center and enjoy the scenery along the river with the beautiful bridges in the evening.

  5. My hubby told me about this place too. One of our travel list. Hope to visit it some day. Love the mini version of France with its gothic structure.


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