Friday, July 27, 2018

2017 Australia - Desserts & Cafes in Melbourne

You know what? A trip with a group of ladies is incomplete without having desserts and cafes hopping. When my girlfriends and I were in Melbourne for four days, we managed to visit at least two lifestyle cafes and even ended our day with desserts right after having satisfying dinner. There's always a room for desserts, like they said! 

146 Swanston St,
Melbourne VIC 3000,

Melbourne Desserts & Cafes - Tsujiri Swanston Street
I know Tsujiri is available in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore but for three of us who stay in East Malaysia which is not available there, hence we're excited when we stumbled upon this on our first day upon reaching Melbourne.  For matcha lover like us, we're definitely love having this matcha-infused sweet treats. 

Aqua S
16 Red Cape Ln,
Melbourne VIC 3004,

Calling all Insta-hungry travellers, this soft serve is specially created for Instagram purposes. With their signature sea salt soft serve on a black cone along with ready cloud wallpaper, I can say this is the prettiest and most Instagrammble dessert in Australia. As the sea salt flavour remains constant, they claim to add two to three new flavours every fortnight. What a brilliant idea! When we're there, rose and purple yam were served and I picked purple yam as my second choice. 

Melbourne Desserts & Cafes - Aqua S -2
You can opt to serve either in the black cone or cup. As for the toppings, you can add your soft serve with sweet popcorn, grilled marshmallow, egg roll or even fairy floss. 

Hardware Societe
118 to 120 and 123 Hardware St,
Melbourne VIC 3000,
Opening Hours: 7.30am to 3pm

Melbourne Desserts & Cafes - Hardware Societe Cafe 5
Kicked off our day before start our engine for road trip to Great Ocean Road. The reason why we chosen this cafe is because first, it is very close to our apartment. Second, because it opens quite early, as early as 7.30 in the morning, which is unlike the rest of the cafes around the town. Third, the most popular and recommended cafe on the net. Luckily we're early to reach here and got the table instantly without waiting cause after few minutes, the whole place was filled up.

Melbourne Desserts & Cafes - Hardware Societe Cafe 1
We ordered two different baked eggs; this one is served with swiss brown mushrooms with creamed spinach. 

Melbourne Desserts & Cafes - Hardware Societe Cafe 2
The other baked egg was choriso sausage with potato and toasted almonds.

Our verdict? Both baked eggs taste extremely delicious and we can't made up our mind which is the best. 

Melbourne Desserts & Cafes - Hardware Societe Cafe 3
We even added warm croissants with french spreads. Total bill = AU$87.50 for four of us together with our coffees. What is breakfast without coffee? 

Melbourne Desserts & Cafes - Hardware Societe Cafe 4
Hey, look who we saw outside the cafe. Hi there!

Naughty Boy Cafe
499-501 Lygon St,
Princess Hill VIC 3054,

Melbourne Desserts & Cafes - Naughty Boy Cafe 7
Before we left Melbourne for Sydney, my girlfriends and I had another last round of cafe hopping for breakfast. This cafe is quite distance away from the CBD, hence we took Uber to reach here. 

Melbourne Desserts & Cafes - Naughty Boy Cafe 1
The main highlight of this cafe is their mega-milkshakes which they named as Instashakes. What can I say more? It's another Insta-worthy food again. 

Melbourne Desserts & Cafes - Naughty Boy Cafe 2
We ordered quite a lot this time. Such as - Naughty Boy Breakfast.

Melbourne Desserts & Cafes - Naughty Boy Cafe 3
Colourful and healthy Acai

Melbourne Desserts & Cafes - Naughty Boy Cafe 4
Nutella french toast served with caramalised banana, strawberries and roasted hazelnuts.

Melbourne Desserts & Cafes - Naughty Boy Cafe 5
Buttermilk waffles topped with marple foam, strawberries, pistachios and cream.

Melbourne Desserts & Cafes - Naughty Boy Cafe 6
Looks like four of us are big eater somehow. We managed to finish everything. Our total bill = AU$111.30.

Do you know that Melbourne is one of the cities in the world offers the best coffee? So forget about Starbucks, forget about Coffee Bean too. Cause any coffees in Melbourne never got wrong. It's nearly impossible to find a bad cup of coffee in Melbourne.

Another thing I like to add on about Melbourne is that it's pretty easy and convenient to find any eateries that suit my taste buds. If you not into Western cuisines, fret not cause you can find all sorts of Asian food there; such as Japanese cuisines, Korean, Thai, Indonesia and even our own proud Papa Rich can be found there. To be honest, I can't stand with my everyday meal just bread and cheese only especially in Western countries. Totally cannot tahan lah!



  1. I am loving your blog, really like the dish and photos, it's look delicious I’m now following your fab blog, love to share!!


  2. All the sinful desserts are so delicious!
    That Naughty Boy is Trump, no doubt. LOLOL


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