Monday, June 25, 2018

Central Vietnam (2018): Da Nang

We booked private transfer from the travel agency nearby our hotel. Some of the travel agencies charge US$40 whereas we found one that charge us for US$38 for a smaller car. The journey from Hue to Da Nang took almost two hours and 30 minutes.

In Da Nang, we settled down in two different hotels. Wondering why two? Because I wasn't decisive with my choice when planning for this trip and in order to play safe, I booked for our last night stay in Da Nang first. Just when I about to add additional night on the respective date I want, it sold out. Completely all sold out. No choice for that and to avoid from walking so far away especially when dragging our luggage around, I made up my mind just to book the other hotel nearby with the one which I booked earlier.

The first hotel we stayed is Happy Day Hotel. A very basic and simple hotel that facing the Han River. Inexpensive and very close to Han Market and Dragon Bridge within walking distance. But to be honest, it wasn't my favourite type. 

Da Nang Happy Day Hotel

Date Stayed: 17 - 18 January 2018 (1 night)
Room Rate: RM114 per night for a superior double with city view and breakfast is included (Booked from Agoda)

The second hotel we stayed is Avora Hotel, which I booked earlier on. Everytime when I travel with my mom, I try my best to provide at least the most comfortable stay for her. Hence, I decided to splurge our final night in Da Nang by booking the grand suite with overlooking the riverview. Plus, I have plenty of reward points from Agoda and therefore, this is the best time for me to utilise it before they expire.

Da Nang Avora Hotel 1

Da Nang Avora Hotel 2

Da Nang Avora Hotel 3

Da Nang Avora Hotel 4

Date Stayed: 18 - 19 January 2018 (1 night)
Room Rate: RM250 per night for a grand suite with riverview and breakfast is included but because I used the rewards points from Agoda, I only paid RM 36.

Like I mentioned earlier, two of our hotels are very close to Han Market and Dragon Bridge within walking distance.

Han Market has been operated since the French occupancy and it is one of the significant landmark in Da Nang. Comprises of two-storey building, this local market resembles Ben Than Market of Ho Chi Minh but in smaller version. If you are looking for local food and snacks, souvenirs, handicrafts, fabrics and etc, here is the place you should come. Han Market is opens daily from 5am to 7pm. 

Da Nang Han Market 01

Da Nang Han Market 02

Dragon Bridge which is another landmark you won't miss out when travelling from Da Nang International Airport to other main roads in Da Nang city. It is the longest bridge in Vietnam and it's offering a dazzling display of colourful LED lights when day turns into night time. On every Saturday and Sunday, state-of-the-art bridge is also scheduled to breathe fire or spit water from its mouth from 9pm onwards. Unfortunately for us, we're there during the weekday. 

Da Nang Dragon Bridge 1

Da Nang Dragon Bridge 2

Da Nang Han River

Ba Na Hills - I will blog more about this magical French village in the next post.


Besides walking, we did take Grab while travelling around Da Nang. To avoid from being scammed by the taxi drivers, I glad that finally Grab is available in Vietnam. And to our surprise, everytime when we booked Grab, the drivers arrived less than a minute - that's incredibly fast. Although Grab in Hue is kinda disappointed, but luckily we didn't give up when in Da Nang. We booked Grab to Big C Supermarket (yes, there is Big C Supermarket in Vietnam, not just Thailand), Ba Na Hills and to Da Nang International Airport as well. 


  1. The Dragon Bridge at night looks pretty cool!
    One of the few things that I remember about Da Nang was Mi Quang!

  2. Wow! The hotel is very comfortable with the panoramic view of the river. I would love to stay there too. Your Agoda points is really a lot!


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