Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Solo Trip to Europe

18 days. 6 countries & 9 cities. Travelling alone all by myself and now, I'm back safe and sound. That's explain why I didn't update my blog for quite sometime. 

It's not like I never travel alone before as I did to Melbourne, Saigon and few places but to be honest, travelling alone is never my favourite kind of thing. However for this time around, it has totally changed my mind and the experience of wandering alone is really different and unique. I can proudly say it has become one of the best things I'd ever done in my life and I really love to do it again, soon. 

It was kinda last minute decision to proceed with this trip alone as I was a little worried and skeptical going to the places which I never been before. Everything was indeed last minute booking - including flight, transportation such as trains and buses and even the hostels. And what worse was right before my trip even started, I actually encountered few obstacles such as my flight being delayed 6 times, then I had to switch from one airline to another, my luggage went missing and I travelled without any extra clothes with me, being fined by bus officer and many more. 

Was supposed to fly with Thai Airways but at the end, being switched to Emirates

What an adventurous and challenging journey but then thinking of the bright side, all of these indirectly trained me to be stronger, tougher and I learned to how to keep calm when something undesirable happened toward me. 

For this 3 week trip, I covered Northern, Eastern and Central Europe which including Denmark, Hungary, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland and Finland. It might seems packed and tight schedule but for someone like me who can't stay in a same place for longer period, I actually quite enjoy it. Almost every morning I woke up very early like 6-7am to wander around and only back to hostel when the day turned into night time. Sometimes, I don't even feel wanna go back to hostel and prefer to walk around the town instead. 

Here are few sneak peek of my favourite cities:

Budapest - Pearl of the Danube. I fall in love with the capital city of Hungary 

The magical village of Hallstatt

Prague - City of a Hundred Spires 

Krakow - the former capital of the Crown of the Kingdom of Poland

Currently, my favourite book. Planning for next Europe trip. 

Regardless the bad incidents and unexpected circumstances, it will never stop my passion from keep on travelling. And right now what I need to do is updating my blog frequently or else, I will have more and more backlog travelogues. Probably I should just update my recent and latest trip instead. What do you think? 😅


  1. Hola!!! I was surprised to receive 2 postcards from you and really stunned that you went alone. I don't have the guts like yours and I am a man. (Paiseh mode)

    I have been waiting for this blog post to appear. Your photos are very beautiful and scenic! I am inside my car right now and will be back to read again.

    Thank you for everything.

  2. Yes...keep on travelling. Travel when you are young and able. See the world :)

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  4. I never been Europe before, look forward for your post about it. All the places looks so beautiful!

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  6. Central Europe is amazing, isn't it? Hallstat looks beautiful.
    Look forward to read the blog posts, regardless which trip you decided to blog on. That said... do we get to vote? Haha.. so that I could take advantage on the information you would be sharing. :P

  7. Your photos are very beautiful and I have added Budapest together with my planned trip to Prague. I am curious whether you felt disappointed for being switched to Emirates??

    1. No, I don't. But just disappointed they lost my luggage =(

  8. You're such an inspiration
    I hope I can capture the beauty of Europe as good as you in Dec 2017
    Love travelling & girl... you rock !


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