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KSL D' Esplanade Residence, Johor Bahru

Everytime when I visit Singapore, Johor Bahru will definitely be part of my itinerary. It's like hard to separate both of these places for me. So after my family and I spent 2 nights staying in The Southbridge Hotel of Singapore, we hired a private car to travel from Singapore directly to the hotel we booked in Johor Bahru. Although it was pricey comparing taking public transport, but it was absolutely hassle-free, convenient and faster than the latter one. 

I prefer to stay nearby KSL Shopping Mall and since there are 6 of us, hence I booked to stay in KSL D's Esplanade Residence. It is a serviced apartment connected directly to the shopping mall, which making this accomodation another favourable list not just only for me, but also for the rest of my family members.

Johor Bahru - KSL D Esplanade Residence 01
#1: KSL D' Esplanade Residence

Do take note that D's Esplanade Residence is not located nearby KSL Hotel and therefore, better to inform the driver that you are heading to the serviced apartment type, not the main hotel. Upon check-in, once again we were requested to place a refundable security deposit of RM200 and in return, we were given two different access cards; one to access to the apartment and another one to the shopping mall which later on, I found it was quite troublesome.

Johor Bahru - KSL D Esplanade Residence 02
#2: Spacious living and dining area

Stepped in the apartment and wow, we're quite impressed with the size of it. This fully furnished apartment was pretty spacious and huge. As for the living and dining area, these two are the perfect spots for my family and I to talk, laugh and watch television together. Next, let's us check out the rooms shall we.

I booked the one comprises of three rooms; two queen sized beds and one single bed comes along with two bathrooms.

Johor Bahru - KSL D Esplanade Residence 03
#3: Master bedroom

Johor Bahru - KSL D Esplanade Residence 04
#4: A queen-sized room

Johor Bahru - KSL D Esplanade Residence 05
#5: A super single bed room - This room is so small and not suitable for tall people to sleep

Johor Bahru - KSL D Esplanade Residence 06
#6: Master bedroom's bathroom and surprisingly, it was exceptionally huge

Johor Bahru - KSL D Esplanade Residence 07
#7: Another bathroom complete with toiletries for the whole family but the size of it was small

Johor Bahru - KSL D Esplanade Residence 08
#8: Small sized kitchen but it was well-equipped with fridge, rice cooker, rice cooker, cooking and eating utensils 

Johor Bahru - KSL D Esplanade Residence 09
#9: Swimming pool but nay, we don't have the time for that 

Johor Bahru - KSL D Esplanade Residence 10
#10: Tip - Request for higher floors for this city view pleasure 

With the price costing up to RM370 per night which I personally think it's pretty affordable, overall my family and I are satisfied with this serviced apartment mainly due to its location which attached to a shopping mall that it absolutely quite convenient for us with an abundance of eateries, lots of shopping and did I mention the mall even consist of cinema. My siblings even took the opportunity to watch late night movie while my mom and I comfortably stay in our apartment to watch the television which has quite number of channels.

However, there are few weaknesses to share here such as no free WiFi provided within our apartment and only available in the lobby, the confusing and troublesome access cards which you need to hold two at the same time and inadequate lifts that sometimes can cause long waiting time. But if don't take all the weakness into the consideration, actually KSL D'Esplanade Residence is an ideal place to stay especially for those who travel with family or big group of people.

Date Stayed: 22 August - 24 August 2014 (2 nights)
Rate We Paid :  RM370.00 per night without breakfast (Booked via

This review is truly based on my own personal experience and is my genuine and honest opinion of this hotel, and that I have no personal or business relationship with this establishment.

Singapore Shopping Haul 2014#11: On other note which unrelated to this post, just want to share my shopping haul from Singapore. I just love to shop in Singapore. Maybe I should blog my favourite place for cheap shopping in Asia. 

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  1. The price still okay la like what you said considering the location. I like the look of the place. Clean and neat.

  2. This is a very good deal for such comfy big rooms! In Singapore I could only get tiny rooms without windows for over RM350!!

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    KSL D's Esplanade Residence is provide good services for visitors. I like the residence services.

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